wallet for khaki/saddle carly?

  1. for those with the khaki/saddle combo.. have you found a good complimenting wallet? I am headed to the outlets and probably a coach store in a day or two.. online didn't really see anything.. thinking of keeping this lovely carly and just wondered what went well.. any thoughts?? THanks soo much!!! :yes:
  2. noone?? :shrugs: It doesn't have to match completely, just wondered if coach had a saddle colored wallet ever?
  3. I'd be very interested to see what someone recommends. I just bought the khaki/saddly one with PCE and ended up buying the carly wristlet because I didn't find a wallet...I guess I could just go with a saddle colored leather wallet.

  4. Well, that is what I was looking for is a saddle wallet, I only came up with a couple on eBay that have already sold, and they had silver buckle.. I don't have to match exact, bu my wallet right now is not a coach and is not great and it's got to go!! I was hoping there would be some great ideas.. darn!! :s
  5. I am also wondering this. I have NO wallet for my Carly. The only wallet I have is the denim stripe one for my tote. 1 wallet for three bags. Doesn't work.

    I've been eyeing eBay. I'll take a look tonight and see if there are any that might do.

    I think I saw a Hamptons one that had the big C's and might be ok.
  6. I think I saw that one too, it comes up on coach.com when you look at the carly, but I didn't know about the matchy matchy c's and the leather not matching at all.. I would almost rather just have a dark brown wallet to match the c's then not have the side leather match.. an all leather walet in the saddle would be TDF!! :tup:
  7. that would look great with the gold carly!! Too bad I have the saddle one!!! lol :push:

    I like the ones above too, wish it matched a little more, but I will check into it.. also I will peek at the outlets and stores when I go, I guess they can't make accessories for everything, I just wish there was some dang saddle leather!! arrghh. :sad:
  8. I just use the Hampton's Sig Checkbook wallet in Khaki/ Camel. Not exact, but pretty darn close.
  9. Right now I am carrying a tobacco colored wallet that matches pretty good.
  10. Thanks for the ideas, I will have to check them out!! Does anyone have any pics of their wallets w/ their bag??
  11. Why yes, it is. :biggrin: