Wallet for guys

  1. Hey y'all! Thank you for responding to my earlier thread on men's bracelets (I put my name down for the clic-clac in black enamel and silver hardwear and in wide).

    I've got an LV 6-card billfold in Damier, and am insanely bored of it... So I wanted to ask if you guys could recommend me a wallet. No exotic skins. Please include prices and pictures!! Thank you in advance!

  2. Hello, Vogue.....here are pics of a Havane wallet in Evergrain......:smile: It's very soft and easy to fold. The price, I believe, was around $1K.


  3. I got myself a Vuitton compact wallet in Utah leather. slots. I like the zipped coin compartment on the side. Quite happy with it. $635 on eluxury.com
    lv_utah_compact_03.jpg lv_utah_compact_01.jpg lv_utah_compact_02.jpg
  4. i have a prada orange wallet. it never bores me because of the color! :smile: haha. i don't know how much it cost me as it was a christmas gift. it is of the famous saffiano leather by the way.

    what i like most with this wallet is the numerous pockets inside!
    IMG_4522.JPG IMG_4523.JPG IMG_4524.JPG
  5. ^What a coincidence.. My mum has that in apple green, i think!

    I'm just wondering if there are any Hermes wallets for guys.. =)
  6. vogue, I bought the wallet above for my husband....and, it's the exact same style as my crocodile wallet which he bought for me 2 years ago. They, like much of Hermes are unisex.
  7. Yeah, I understand that there are unisex ones. Sorry!!

    Was just thinking if I should get an Hermes wallet or the clic clac (black, wide and silver.)
  8. Vogue,
    There are a couple threads on this already.
    A search might bring up more information!!