Wallet for BF

  1. Hi ladies! My boyfriend desperately needs a new wallet and I want to buy one for him. He likes to keep things for a loooooong time and his present wallet has been around ever since we started dating (3 yrs) and I don't know how long before that. It has rips all over the place, its an ugly shade of dark orange with hues of nasty brown and its completely embarrasing when we're out and he pulls it out. He won't get rid of it - so I want to buy him a new one. Any suggestions? :confused1:
  2. LV makes billfolds that stand the test of time.
  3. My husband is not a designer type of guy, so I got him a simple black wallet from Cole Haan - he loves it and comments on how the guys in the office ask him where he got it all the time.
  4. Usually Marshalls or TJ Maxx have nice wallets for men by Kenneth Cole and other name brands...
  5. I went to Macy's in NY and was so dissapointed in the selection. The had fossil, Ralph Lauren and some others and they were small and inpractical. I'll check out the Cole Haan thanks!
  6. I saw Bottega Venetta's wallets and they looked lovely
  7. LV have classic wallets. Fendi usually have quite nice wallets for men as well.
  8. I agree! I'm definitely getting that for my brother for his birthday next year.
  9. i wish my bf's wallet would fall apart so i could replace it. unfortunately, it's really pretty well made.

  10. Louis Vuitton, Kenneth Cole, Cole Hann & Fendi have some cute wallets.
    My husbad uses a Louis Vuitton (Only because I bought him it) and its cute.
    It has different bits for credit cards etc..
    But Marshalls does have some nice designer leather wallets, which are cute.
  11. i bought my husband, then bf, a gucci black leather wallet, and it has lasted him 4+ years and he loves it. if you're in the tri-state area, i'd recommend going to secaucus, nj where there's a gucci outlet.

    you might also want to check out bluefly.com.
  12. i love bottega veneta, but i'm wondering if it would be too fancy for a guy, even one who dresses pretty well. i keep thinking monograms are a little too fancy too, except for the LV mono.
  13. My husband's not really into designer stuff...at best, he's a Ralph Lauren Polo guy, so I got him a Coach wallet a couple years ago that still looks new. I got my brother and father Coach wallets also, and they also love them. They're pretty simple but elegant, and certainly not embarrassing!