Wallet for a guy?

  1. my boyfriend's birthday is coming up and i want to get him something other than a technology related gift :rolleyes: . can you guys recommend a quality wallet for a guy? or should i stick with a money clip?
  2. I would go with the Damier LV line
    MY DH has one and loves it.
  3. I agree with Lisa :yes: My DH :heart:s his damier wallet.
  4. The taiga and nomade lines of small leather goods for men from Louis Vuitton are gorgeous, and it's excellent quality !
  5. Tumi makes some nice wallets, and they are having a sale online and in stores right now. (No affiliation; just a big fan of their products.)
  6. My husband loves LV, BUT doesn't want his wallet SHOUTING, so he got the LV Epi black. Loves it!
  7. Jack Spade has some VERY cool looking leather wallets for men and they're not too expensive (under $100.00)
  8. DH has an LV Utah billfold that he loves, and I gave my dad a Coach wallet that he's been using for a few years now.
  9. I think a Louis wallet would be nice. If he doesn't like the logos you can buy him the epi wallet, those are beautiful!
  10. I got my husband a tumi wallet- nice leather and very subtle.
  11. Individual Icons compass cufflinks.jpg
  12. you guys are awesome! thanks for the suggestions! if anyone has anymore please feel more than free to share them.
    my boyfriend and i have only been together for two years but i feel i'm hitting a wall with gifts. last christmas i gave him the movado he had been drooling over for years and now i feel like i need to top myself! :P
  13. Whoops, DH just corrected me--apparently his wallet is from the Nomade line.
  14. thanks for the suggestions! that gucci wallet ArmCandyLvr posted may be right for him, he does like gucci...