wallet for 660 or speedy for 690?

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  1. I went and ordered sarah wallet in pomme but I dont know if its worth my 660... should I add 30 more and exchange for a speedy 30 in mono? if i would get a wallet, its only going to have to be pomme or rose pop. I missed out on the rose pop so really my only choice is pomme. I do prefer the international over sarah.. but I dont know if its still available.

    I have a speedy collection and have mono 25 which I find too small for me. I wanted to sell it but my DD is fast approaching teenhood that I think I would just pass it onto her... with that said.. shall I get me a 30 and forget about the wallet? I CANNOT get both!

    My current wallet collection consist of:
    coach brown long wallet
    coach black short wallet
    prada long wallet
    buberry long wallet
    burberry short wallet
    kate spade long wallet
    chanel cambon zippy wallet

    Please help....
  2. LOL! you have a tonne of wallets lucky girl!! Get the Speedy 30! :graucho:
    Good luck deciding!

    And maybe if you pass on the wallet now, another pink vernis colour will be released that will catch your eye!
    Or maybe Rose Pop will come back!!
  3. Speedy!
  4. Get the wallet in pomme!! It is more well made than the speedy, plus the color is TDF! If you really want another speedy, save up your money or sell some of the wallets that you don't use anymore. I have a Sarah in Rose Pop vernis and I love it!
  5. Sarah wallet in Pomme is really lovely! :girlsigh:
  6. I would get the speedy instead as you would rather have the international. I'm more picky with wallets than I am with bags so I tend to buy only the wallets I want.
  7. I got mine in Pomme de amour last Valentines day and I LOVE it!!! One year later and its still Beautiful!!

    Definately worth the $$ so get it! Won't regret it. Wish I got it sooner!
  8. I was going to say the wallet but you seem to have a nice collection, so go for the speedy.
  9. Speedy!
  10. Im so jealous! i :heart: ur wallet lol I want one sooo bad
  11. Keep the wallet and sell the other ones you don't use to fund the speedy.
  12. ^ITA. LV wallet's the best. A must have.
  13. I think you will regret not getting the wallet and it is something that you will use for a long time. I say get the wallet and sometime down the road get a speedy.
  14. Even though you already have an extensive wallet collection, you DO NOT have a Louis Vuitton wallet. Keep the wallet.. IMO! :biggrin:
  15. If you already have a Speedy collection but no wallets from LV, I would say get the wallet. My LV zippy is the first wallet I have had as an adult, and I have used it since the day I purchased it. I absolutely love it, and they can double as a clutch if you don't want to carry your entire bag somewhere.