wallet ? First thread here =]

  1. Hey everyone! I'm usually always in the LV forum but I was going to go to the mall & purchase something for myself. I was thinking of the Sig. Stripe accordian zip around wallet in brass/khaki/parchment. What do you all think about this wallet ?? I thought it looked very pretty [= and useful. I needed a wallet with a zip around bc I'm always afraid of losing my money. Lol. TiA! :smile:
  2. No one ??
  3. Personally, I LOVE the accordion wallets. They are just awesome! I love that you can leave them unzipped in the bottom of your bag and use them without ever having to take them out. They hold just a ton but they retain their slim form factor and don't take much room in a bag. I highly recommend them! :yes:
  4. thanks for the response!
  5. I love the accordian too. It fits all of the cards that I use often and and the bill area is easily accessible. The coin compartment is also big. And then you just zip it all around and not have to worry about a button snapping open or something while it's in your purse!
  6. I think this is a really pretty wallet! I love the parchment stripe against the khaki!
  7. I think it's really pretty!! go for it girl! :tup: