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  1. Is it the norm for new Wallets to come with dustbags?
  2. I don't think so, mine didn't
  3. I bought a wallet about a month ago and it came with a dustbag. I think... I can't find it right now and I'm not dustbag-obsessed so I can't recall 100%.
  4. Depends on the style of wallet - if it's monogram, it won't come with one. It's only for materials that need special protection (e.g. vernis, MC, some LE pieces) that will come with dust bags.
  5. Aha! I found mine. I did get a dustbag. Mine is a monogram pochette wallet.
  6. Guess I got lucky - was surprised to receive one with the epi, but I did ask for to be gift wrapped, does that make a difference?
  7. a dustbag came come with anything if you just ask. usually it depends on the SA, too!

    I have a lovely SA by the name of Laaya at the Houston Galleria store and she always puts every item in a dustbag wrapped in tissed inside a box with rounds and rounds of the leather ribbon without asking. shes the best!
  8. never got one with any of my purchases at Copley Place
  9. i didn't get one with my damier koala wallet, but i did get tissue paper
  10. Yes, they do. Everything I have purchased from LV or elux has come with a dustbag including DH's Damier billfold.

  11. Exactly! I shop at that store as well and always get mine packaged the same way.

    I would be mad if I didn't recieve a dustbag!
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