Wallet enablers please...

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  1. Hehe, my sister keeps telling me I need to buy a real wallet since she is the wallet police. I, however, have gotten used to carrying the LV Epi ID holder (with plastic windows that I've inserted for my cards). Yes, I travel lightly :P

    Have any of you who used to carry small wallets converted to carrying large(r) ones? I'm trying to fish for a reason to buy either a vernis french purse (i love the kiss lock) or a zippy (love the functionality)...but I'm so used to just carrying that darn ID holder lol.

    What is so fab about having/carrying a big wallet? I'm all ears...
  2. Pochette Wallet! Very functionable and can use as a clutch :yes:
  3. i have 5 pochette wallets!! love them! they are not too big as oppse to the zippy or pti..
  4. two votes for a pochette wallet. hmm...i try not to carry many cards with me since i'm trying to cut down on using them. i really only carry my id, debit and about two credit cards. i carry a separate coin purse and stuff my miscellaneous papers and receipts in there. i'm thinking a regular sized wallet might be too much wallet for me? or am i being silly? :P most of the time i don't even bother to pull out my wallet and stick my debit card in my pocket or my bag pocket...
  5. If you carry a fair amount of larger bags, the Zippy is great. It has many compartments for receipts & cash. It also has 8 CC slots and a large change compartment. On a light load day, quick lunch or errand, you could just grab it and go.
  6. I love my zippy organizer. Holds everything, including my checkbook, receipts and zips shut with ease.
  7. My favorite is the French Purse ... because of the kiss lock! So classy ... I love it so much I have 4! And I see more in the future ... lol!
  8. ^ agh, i love the FP for that reason too! *faint*
  9. I carry a zippy and I would have to caution that carrying a bigger wallet almost encourages you to carry around more stuff that you don't need. Sometimes I will just carry a few cards and my ID in a cles and I ask myself do I really NEED a big wallet when I can fit the essentials in a cles. But I do like the feeling of pulling out my pomme vernis zippy to pay for something; it's big and it looks so darn nice.

  10. im not in love with the pochette wallet ichelle. i think its too big.
    this is one of my favorites, the french wallet and comes in all leathers from vernis to epi, and MC to damier.
    they recently made the french wallet with more credit card spaces but before it only had 3 or 4. anyway its always good to have space left over than to be short.:tup:

    and here is the zippy, also available in an array of colors and materials

    :heart: hope you like!
  11. ^^^ {{{resusitating ichelle}}} whew! now you're awake ... run to LV and get one already!:graucho:
  12. I really like the french purse but I'm like you, I don't like carrying a large wallet. The wallet I have now is a billfold and I have a separate card holder. What's with LV only making these huge continental sized long wallets?
    What about smaller sized wallets that don't need to act as a purse/clutch?
    I'm pretty sure LV used to have small wallets...but I guess they aren't in style anymore!

    Have you taken a look at the Alexandra? I haven't seen it IRL, but it doesn't seem as big as the zippy or pti, but it might be bigger than the french purse.

    I would love if LV made a smaller wallet with a see through ID slot for a picture!
  13. Zippy or pochette wallet. BUT if you want a small wallet i'd go for the koala.
  14. My vote goes to the French Purse...it's so pretty and holds enough as long as you don't carry the kitchen sink in your wallet!!
  15. ^ lol no kitchen sink for me. gosh, what to do...