Wallet Disappointment & Another New Wallet

  1. I really wanted to get the Vernis zippy wallet in Pomme & went to the LV store & they had 1 but it was nice in the front & faded embossing on the back. So then I got sent to Neiman Marcus & they had some but one was deep on front & light on back. The other one was ok, not perfect but still a nice texture. I was ready to buy & then was told they didn't take Mastercard or Visa?? They take American Express, Neiman card, cash or check......That is just very odd to me......this just happened to be the day that I left my Amex at home so I couldn't get it. Kinda glad now because maybe I'll find a more perfect Pomme later.

    I never got a box when I bought my Berkeley so I got a big box to store it in now. Not sure why I didn't get a box in the first place :shrugs:

    I ended up getting the monogram French purse back at LV. Before I didn't really like it because I would have to fold my money but the clasp is georgeous & it is great to carry alone & fit all my stuff :tup: I'll mostly use it alone for now until I get a monogram purse later.

    Btw, I was kinda worried about how the left side looking at it from the top was kinda further apart from the wallet but all the wallets looked like that & I saw 4 of them. (Btw 4th pic). Sales associate said it is normal & once I start putting stuff in the slots & stuff it will be fine. Anyone with a French purse notice this also :?:

  2. Congrats on your wallet!
  3. Congrats! I'm sure you'll use it well!
  4. Nice wallet, now I want a mono wallet.....
  5. Glad you found something you like! I absolutely LOVE the French Purse and cannot even try any other styles! (I got my second FP in Amarante recently!) The canvas versions are especially low-maintenance, so that's a big plus. Your SA is right that everything will even out as you use the wallet. It's really great!
  6. I love your new wallet.
  7. thats a great wallet!
  8. wow, one of my favorite style LV wallets! congrats ... mine's the older version with only 4 cc's ... waaah!
  9. Congrats on the wallet... i liiiiike!

    Becareful with the gold hardware round piece on flap closure though.. my

    friend has one and hers fell off and when she took it to the LV boutique they

    charged her $40!!
  10. Congrats on your wonderful new wallet!
  11. this is lovely and classic. favorite lv wallet for ladies!!!
  12. ohhh its so nice, yeah thats weird they wouldnt take visa or m/c
  13. You made me feel much better, thanks! I didn't get another Vernis because I'm starting to feel I have too many red pieces plus the canvas is so low maintenance :yes:
  14. Are they known to fall off frequently? You would think they would make it so it couldn't fall off or something for the price you pay for these wallets :push:

  15. She got the wallet on the summer of 07... and this happened to her recently this

    sunday.. so i dont know details really..i just asked her wheres the hardware on your

    wallet shes like it fell and off and the cost LV told her she will pay for fixing it.