Wallet dilemma

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  1. #1 Oct 14, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2012
    Hello TPF'ers I have bought the zip around burgundy wallet with ghw in lamb skin yesterday but I am worried about the durability. It is absolutely gorgeous to look at and I am torn between that and the soft caviar black zip around wallet in ghw. My SA is holding the black one until Tuesday as there is only one available in the store. I am not so sure about the soft caviar as it looked very dull and My SA said that she can order the wallet in the original caviar but the burgundy color is seasonal and it looks absolutely beautiful and i wish there was a wallet available in burgundy caviar.

    This is my first Chanel wallet and knowing that i don't switch wallets much I would like to ask your opinions. What would you do? Keep the burgundy lambskin or get the soft caviar black wallet?
  2. Id keep the burgundy. I don't like that caviar wallet so that's just my preference. I have a small lambskin and I use it every day. It's fine and I love the smell :smile: and yes burgundy is beautiful. If you have any flaps with the burgundy liner it'll still match!
  3. Keep the burgundy, it's beautiful. You can always buy a black later on.
  4. I thought so too. My collection includes black caviar maxi, black lambskin m/l, beige Clair caviar half moon woc.

    I found the soft caviar very dull and the ghw almost looked faded on it. It felt very cheap compared to the burgundy lambskin which is so pretty to look at. Just worried about the scratches as I don't like to baby my wallet.
  5. My husband will disagree with you :smile: I have been spending way too much on Chanel ;)
  6. Mine doesn't have any scratches so don't worry about that. I also found that caviar dull and cheap and the lambskin wins in my book all the way if I'm paying that price
  7. Can you post a picture of yours? How long have you had it and how often do you use it?
  8. I've had it a couple months and use it just about every day

  9. Thanks. It looks great.
  10. Thanks no problem
  11. Any more opinions? I am very indecisive and don't want to miss the black caviar wallet as it is the only one left in the store.
  12. get what your heart tells you. the Lambskin sounds gorgeous and seems like that's the one you really want. i feel like a black caviar one will always come around
  13. Lamb is more durable then most think- I say follow your heart and stick with the burgundy lamb! I think the thing to be most careful about while in your handbag (if you keep lamb) are your keys;)
  14. I will agree that the Burgundy Lambskin is an excellent choice! Most people have the Black Caviar Wallet so its nice that your wallet stands out from the crowd ;0)! I think as long as you keep your keys away from it inside your purse you will be fine! Enjoy your new wallet and post pics!!!
  15. Does anybody have the burgundy wallet in lambskin? Could you share your thoughts?
    I will post pics of mine tomorrow.