Wallet Dilemma


Digging in my purse
Oct 5, 2010
Bay Area, California
I realllllllyyyy want the Cambon zip around wallet but I cant find it! I have called the Hawaii boutique and they got some but then sold out:sad:
Just my luck. My SA in San Francisco knows I want one but she said it will be a while before she can actually get me one and i dont even know what the chances are of me even being able to get one. Chanel customer service doesnt really say much either when I call them. All they say is that its sold out in all US boutiques. So anyhow my dilemma is do I wait for the Cambon or do I go for a LV. I want the white multicolore LV Sarah Wallet. It is really nice, colorful, and super organized. Its also a couple hundred bucks cheaper. What would you guys do?? In a perfect world I would be able to get both, but I only want one as I just bought my GST with GHW, I want to have money left over to actually put in the wallet. :biggrin: