Wallet dilemma

  1. I bought my first LV a few months ago: a red epi speedy 25. I love it! I also bought the groom cles and groom wallet with red stripe. I love the cles but haven't used the wallet yet.

    I am going to Chicago on Friday and am wondering if I would like the red epi french purse as a wallet. I have a french purse black Chanel wallet that I love but it is getting old (ok, honestly, I'd like a change :smile: !)

    So, should I return the groom wallet and get the red epi wallet? Maybe also get the red groom agenda? HELP!!

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. I would keep the groom....the red stripe goes with the epi, but will go good with mono or damier too, if you get those down the line....plus it's limited, so you can always get the epi later if you want, but once the groom is gone...it's gone.
  3. ^ I totally agree. And if you find later that you really don't want it, you can always sell it!
  4. Yes, keep the groom! You can always find red epi around somewhere...
  5. Groom!
  6. definitely keep the groom! its so cute and epis are going to be sticking around for quite a while.. ;)
  7. WOW - I didn't know the groom was so popular!! I really love him on my cles. Looks like he's in a hurry (like I am most of the time!)

    OK - so keep the groom and wait on the epi french purse.
  8. I think your groom wallet would go nicely with your Epi bag. Perhaps get a epi cles ?
    A groom agenda would be nice :smile:
  9. The groom with the red would look great with the red epi IMO!! I say keep it!
  10. Oh NOOOO!! Don't return the Groom wallet!! It'll look so hot with the red epi speedy!!!!