wallet dilemma

  1. Ok so I've been wanting a Coach wallet and I am so picky, I've had a hard time finding one I love. I prefer long ones like the accordion zip or slim envelope wallets. I also am picky in that I don't like to be matchy, so no signature wallet to go with the Carly. I would carry a sig wallet with a leather bag, though. So here's my dilemma. I got this accordion wallet off of eBay and while I like it, I don't like it with my Carly.


    So do I keep it and save it for when I use a leather bag and continue using my current wallet (which I love, it just needs a keychain or something on the zipper where the leather tag ripped off), or do I sell it on eBay and look for a different wallet, perhaps a legacy leather slim envelope for now with my Carly and buy another sig wallet later on in the fall/winter when I use my leather bags again?

    If it had a zipper compartment, I probably would buy the ergo slim envelope in turquoise and forget about having two wallets. It's kind of the best of both worlds since it's mostly leather with a bit of signature in the stripe.

    Any other suggestions?
  2. I would go with the Turquoise Ergo Slim Envelope wallet because it is really cute and it seems like you really like it. Then, I would also get a mini skinny so that you have a "zipper compartment." That's my suggestion (mostly because even though I change bags all the time, I don't change wallets very often -- it just seems easier to me to have a single wallet that you just love).
  3. Im pretty bad with the names of wallets but I have this one and absolutely LOVE it. Im like you I dont like my things too matchy matchy yet I like them to coordinate. :smile:
    Ebay Pics 289.jpg Ebay Pics 291.jpg Ebay Pics 290.jpg
  4. The turquoise ergo slim wallet would probably be your best bet. It sounds like it has what you're looking for. I'm not sure how often you change wallets or whatnot, but if you use one wallet til you actually need one you may want to go with leather. It will hold up better.
  5. Hey Julie! I like long wallets like you do. I love the accordion zip arounds and the slim envelope wallets. I would agree with you and everyone else that the Ergo turquoise slim wallet is probably the one that will work best all around. It is a beautiful leather with a touch of sig! The only problem is no zip. Like lv dreamer said, a coin purse or skinny might help. What about any of the Legacy Slim envelope wallets in leather. They have a nice big coin purse section and a couple of compartments inside plus cc slots. There is also a compartment on the back. I have that wallet in the denim and it's great. BTW That accordion zip is very pretty-if you love it hold on to it. I have one I got last December in chocolate optic and I love that wallet! Too bad that style wallet doesn't come in a leather version.
  6. Im a dork! I had no idea my wallet is the ergo slim envelope wallet your all talking about:roflmfao:
  7. hah i can;t commit to coach wallet . . . TOUS makes nicer ones in my opinion.
  8. Get the Ergo Slim Envelope wallet. It sounds and looks like a great wallet for you.
  9. Thanks for the pictures. I didn't realize the ergo had that back pocket for change. That's good enough for me. I didn't think it had any kind of pocket for change. It's impossible to tell with the pictures on Coach's website.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Looks just like the ergo wallet for what I can tell. Again with the lack of pictures on these sites! It only has 5 cc slots though and I need lots! My current wallet has 15!

  10. I have the same wallet but I carry mine with my Black Hampton Weekend Tote. The blue goes with the blue tag, etc. I could not find a picture of mine on the webiste any more so I used this one just so you could get the general idea. [​IMG]