Wallet Dilemma!

  1. I bought my white Monogram Multicolore Porte-Trésor International (I actually had to look up the proper name of the wallet lol, I would've called it the long white one with all the colors. Dork :p ) wallet about a year ago, and it has gotten SO dirty! I noticed that after putting it in my bag with a black cloth lining (a Balenciaga) some of the black dye from the cloth rubbed off on it or something. The white is more of a gray in some areas and it's annoying me. I took it to an LV boutique and the sales man told me to try rubbing it clean with a soapy wash cloth:cursing: needless to say he made me mad when he said that.. my point is: does anyone have any advice or know what to do? I just bought a new wallet (Damier Azur:heart: ) but I still love that wallet and hate what's happened to it!
  2. I've Cherry Blossom PTI and they've similiar linning material. I brought one of them ( I've 2 ) to LV and they said it's normal, ok, I know but however we all still hope we've excellent condition LV, right? ;)
    I tried to clean it with Clinique make up remover with cotton and magic..! All the black colors have gone :smile: I know it's mad but I've no idea since LV can't help...
  3. Thanks LVGodiva.. I'll give the Clinique make-up remover a shot :smile:
  4. That is the issue with light items, regardless of being LV or not. You will get color transfer .

    Perhaps if your bags are darker you'd might be better off with a monogram or damier wallet maybe even epi.

    As for cleaning said wallet, perhaps GENTLY using magic ereaser.. rubbing gently so that you dont rub the lv's off.

    good luck!

  5. Baby wipes? They get EVERYTHING off! God knows whats in them! x
  6. I use baby wipes on my LV pieces & they work great on both the canvas & vachetta. I get the unscented ALCOHOL FREE huggies wipes - they really work wonders :yes:

    good luck!
  7. I will definitely try the baby wipes. As for the magic eraser, I don't think they sell them here (Saudi), I've looked everywhere :hrmm:

    Thanks for all your help guys! :smile:
  8. :crybaby: oh, boo hoo, I want an azur koala, but don't wanna deal with dirty color transfer...
  9. sorry I don't get it, why are you mad that he suggested to use a soapy washcloth? :confused1:

    and I agree with everyone here, Huggies baby wipes, alcohol (for penmarks mainly imo), eyemakeup remover...etc :yes: