WALLET DILEMMA :( which one to pick?

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  1. Hey ladies, I'm saving up for a new wallet and I am seriously STUCK between a couple of choices.

    I'm looking for something casual but eye-catching, good for everyday use, as well as a lot of receipts, change, etc. I am currently using a momogram porte valeurs and the lack of a coin holder is very annoying :sad:

    My choices:
    Vernis zippy in pearle - I love this colour also.. but it seems a bit bland.
    Vernis zippy in pomme d'amour - I love the colour, but would it be too flashy?
    Monogram eugenie - would the lock get scratched up?
    Damier french purse - seems suitable, but I prefer longer wallets.

    HELP ME PICK PLEASE, my lovely lv addicts :sad:!
  2. Damier French Purse. It's color is the most versatile and the French Purse is my favorite wallet.
  3. Monogram Eugenie, I like that it has all of those credit card slots, also I just love how it looks!
  4. ok, well, you just contradicted your self. do you want eye catching and flashy, or not? i think you really want the zippy in pomme.
  5. Zippy in Pomme! The perle is lovely, but I would be very scared of transfer!
  6. My first choice would be the pomme zippy, second would be the mono eugenie!
  7. my choice will be pomme zippy, but i prefer french purse and eugenie in design.. what about french purse in pomme? or maybe multicolore eugenie? i guess IMO the multicolore eugenie is more eye catching compared with mono canvas
  8. Pomme zippy!!! I've had mine since may, no real issues so far, but I do rotate every 2 weeks or so. Second choice would be damier FP for sure though!
  9. Damier French Purse --- The FP is my favorite LV wallet.
  10. Pomme Zippy! I don't think it's too flashy. It's just eye catching because the color is so beautiful. :love:
  11. Vernis Pomme Zippy too. :yes:
    Don't get Vernis Perle, I got a Vernis Perle Zippy and got color tranferred, she looks like brown now. :crybaby:
  12. Damier French Purse--Just looking at this at ELux its beautiful!
  13. My favorite wallet style is zippy since I have 3. So my vote goes for Pomme zippy! :tup:
  14. Vernis Zippy in Pomme! :biggrin:
  15. POMME ZIPPY. No doubt!