WALLET DILEMMA! Should I keep the Coach or the Versace?

  1. I like small wallets, small, compact, and now surprisingly, I've been drawn to the sportiness of a zipper. I picked up the Coach small striped signature wallet the other day on a whim. Today I pick up a Versace wallet also with the same silluette (sp), which on sale was cheaper then the Coach wallet. But it was more neutral. I'm debating whether to keep the Coach and give the Versace away as a gift or return the coach and keep the Versace. TIA:flowers:

    EDIT.. Pictures came out yellow, I'll take better pictures in the morning so you can see them true to their colouring.
    both wallets.jpg versace.jpg Project3.jpg
  2. I think you should keep both.
    The Versace looks great I like it and if its cheaper than a Coach why not keep it also
  3. If you have to pick one then keep the Versace. :yes:
  4. ditto...
  5. You should absaloutly keep the Versace!!!!
  6. the Versace was a really good deal, and its a heck of a buy I think! You will probably regret it if you take it back..
    I say keep both, or give the Coach away as a gift!

  7. A swell idea, indeed!
  8. definitely the versace...such a classy looking wallet.
  9. I wish i could keep both, but it isn't worth it, just need one. Looks like Versace has it, thanks for the opinions all!
  10. Versace, absolutely!
  11. versace is leather the coach is fabric ust for that reason alone keep the versace! (plus its a better designer)
  12. ^^oh thats right as well! and leather is more durable then their canvas right?
  13. As much as I love Coach-I really like that Versace wallet-keep that one if you are only going to keep one of them.

    Do you mind if I ask how much you paid for it and where you found it?
  14. Nishi621- I don't know if you'll come back and read this so I PMed you. :smile:
  15. Both are great wallets, but if you can only keep one, keep the Versace.