Wallet Dilemma! (Pochette or Zippy?)

  1. I think its time for a new wallet!

    Either the Multicolore Zippy Wallet, in White:

    [​IMG] (from eluxury)

    Or the Multicolore Pochette Wallet CC NM, in White:

    [​IMG] (from eluxury)

    I'm currently using the Vernis Billfold with Six Card Slots so I think its time for a long wallet instead.
  2. I'd get a zippy! Why? I think it's just so practical.. I can just throw receipts in it and zip it up and not worry about anything falling out!! LOVE IT!
  3. HI
    I highly recommend the Zippy wallet. I have the port tresor international and the Zippy and it functions perfectly. Everything is secure inside and you never loose anything. It has a place for bills, change, credit cards, and three slot pockets.
    My Zippy Wallet is in the Monogram Canvas, but it would be Georgeous in the White Multicolour. I am going to get one next summer.

  4. I really love both wallets, if I had to choose just one I would go with zippy.
  5. zippy!
  6. i really love both of them. either way its a great choice.
  7. I'll go with the pochette because I just ordered one. I think there's more to the pochette but the zippy definitely more convience.
  8. I just bought the Zippy 2 weeks ago - Amarante color. Lovin' it!!
  9. I have had a zippy and now have the MC Pochette in black and think they are equally practical. The pochette keeps thing inside as well as my zippy did, they are really the same style just the zippy has a zipper and the pochette has a snap. So, if I were you I would just go by which one you think looks better. Either way, you can't lose. I would recommend the Pochette because I love mine!

    Oh and make sure you purchase the NEW Pochette with the 10 CC slots!!! I purchased one new from an LV boutique and it only had the 6 slots, I didn't find out until a month later that there was a new version out. Luckily my SA did an exchange. I think elux only carries the new one with 10 CC slots so you should be fine if you order from there.
  10. so funny I thought I would love the zippy, but my DH just bought me the Porte Tresor International and I love it....I think it's all about personal preference
  11. Zippy!!!
  12. zippy! :tup:
  13. since i am usually in a hurry, i find the snap closures are much quicker than the zip around closure... just my 2 cents!
  14. White Zippy !!! Practical, protected things, and fabulous !!!
  15. zippy!