Wallet decisions...need HELP!

  1. I have been toying around with the idea of getting an LV wallet for some time now, and I think I'm finally ready to take the plunge. I looked at a couple different styles in the store yesterday, but can't make up my mind between three. Please let me know what you all think! If anyone owns these, can you please tell me what the pros and cons are? Also, if you have pics of what they look like when they have stuff in them that would be great too! Thanks!

    PTI - $495


    Monogram wallet with zip pocket - $495


    French Purse - $525 (I would get mono, though)
  2. it really depends on how you use your wallet, personally i would go for the PTI, i like how it opens, so you can see your cards etc, the style is like the one i have now. What is the wallet style you have now? If it is similar to any of the above I say go with the style that matches to yours the closest!
    hope it helps!
  3. I like the French purse out of those 3.
  4. I like the French Purse best, out of the ones you have listed. What about getting it in Vernis? So cute!!
  5. The only thing I'm a little bit picky about with my wallets is being able to get to my change. After looking at them in the store it seemed like they would all be fine for that. I'm really torn!!
  6. French purse will be my choice out of the two styles :smile:
  7. i have the PTI and french wallet. I love the PTI its my favorite wallet. I also have MC french which i love as well but really hate the coin part. Its so hard to open.
  8. Thanks for the info about the coin part of the French Purse!
  9. monogram w with pocket
  10. I like the way the French Purse looks but the one I have is the second one, the Pochette Porte-Monnaie. I'm afraid the FP's coin compartment looks heavy and hard to open, and the bill pocket looks too deep for me. You have to open it up and look carefully to see what bills you're pulling out. I don't prefer the PTI because I don't like having to open up the whole wallet to access my coins and bills.

    The pochette wallet is so convenient, IMO. The coin compartment in the middle is zippered so it's easy to get into, but it also divides the wallet into two long compartments. I need that to divide my bills (different currencies or money I've counted out, for example). There's also a spare long pocket for papers and stuff.
  11. I have the french purse and love it. It's gorgeous and functional. The change part is difficult to open but I notice that its gets easier with time.
  12. Thanks everyone! I'm still undecided, but from what you all are saying I guess I can't really go wrong. Does anyone have one of these and wish they had gotten something different?
  13. I was playing around in the store with wallets too, and out of those three I liked the PTI the best. However, I ended up with an agenda that I plan to use as a wallet! :p
  14. I completely adore my PTI. Hold everything, including my checkbook. Great wallet, totally recommend it.
  15. Out of those 3, I would get the PTI. :yes: