Wallet Decision

  1. I was going to LV today, but decided to wait next week so I can buy more than one item. I'm currently deciding on a wallet for everyday use. What's more suitable for a 16 year old high school guy?

    - Zippy Organizer from the Vernis line (if so, what color?)

    - Zippy Organizer from the Mini Lin line

    - any wallet from the MC line (if so, which one?)

    Decisions, decisions...!! Need help.
  2. Personally I like the zippy mini lin! It's more understated than vernis or mc, IMO. Good luck with your final decision!
  3. Hey I am a 17 year old guy and I would vote for either the pomme zippy organizer or what I just bought, the LV Cup zippy organizer
  4. MC EUGÉNIEEEEE! :biggrin: it's beautiful!
  5. i choose the pomme zippy, i am using that one now and LVoe it!!!
  6. Have you seen the eugenie? (Did I spell that right? :confused1: )
  7. i would go for the zippy in pomme
  8. Damier Zippy or Groom Zippy or Monogram Zippy!!
  9. if you are a boy, then I would say something in damier or a wallet from the suhali line! x
  10. I just got the Epi Eugenie wallet in black and absolutely love it. I highly recommend it but the only thing is that it comes in Ivoire or Black only...there is a MC version but I haven't seen it in person yet. There are lots of slots for cards and a zippered coin compartment in the back. This wallet feels less bulky than the PTI or the pochette wallets and the clasp in the front is really pretty!
  11. I think that the damier zippy organizer would be great for a male. Well anyone, but great for a male.
  12. I too agree that for a guy, a Damier Zippy wallet would suit you best.
  13. MC Zippy!

  14. ITA!!! Eugenie!!!!!!!!!!!!