Wallet Decision!

  1. What's more suitable for a guy: A zipped compact wallet (red monogram groom) or the pochette wallet (red monogram groom)? Personally, I like the pochette better, but is it ok for guys to use? Is red a suitable color? Help!

    I already have a Groom wallet but I'm too in love with it to use it, so I'm buying a new one that I will actually use. :yes:
  2. I cant see why you couldn't use the Pochette wallet, i think it would look cute on a guy :yes: if thats the one you prefer go for it!
  3. Did the Zipped CW come in red? I thought only blue?
  4. Depends on what the needs are...some people hate zippers in their wallets...how do you feel?
  5. lol im ok with zippers (they hold my coins). so which one do u think i should get?
  6. My choice sweet and simple 6cc mono
  7. thanks but i have that! i want a groom one!
  8. i would say the pochette, its up to you if you like, personally i think it would be ok for guys.
  9. What about the Groom green Zippy?? I LOVE that one
  10. the zipped compact :smile:;):yes:
  11. Yes..love the zipped compact!
  12. I say the zipped compact wallet too (but only because I love it and also want my bf to have one!! lol)

    I think it would look great on a guy - especially because of the gorgeous blue interior :drool: It's TDF!!

    Don't get me wrong though, the pochette wallet is nice, I just don't think it's as well suited to guys as the zipped compact wallet is :smile:
  13. Whatevery you decide, let us know why you chose what you chose!
  14. I likey the zippy
  15. i like the zippy the best.