Wallet colors

  1. When I was in college, I had a red Filofax. I think everyone in the 1980s did. Anyway, after four years, that Filofax had a deep burgundy patina.

    When I realized what frequent handling did to the color of leather, I started buying black wallets. And I've kept each wallet about 6-8 years until it wore out.

    I've been thinking about getting a Bearn, should I stick with black or try something else? The colors look so great when they're new but will I still love that wallet five years from now?
  2. I like black or chocolate chevre mysore for the same reason. :smile:
  3. I bought a orange bearn 4 wks ago used everyday and i can see it is not as clean as it was also my keys have scratched it !!!!but i still love it its just not as tough as say lv monogram:smile:
  4. Maybe red? It's a color but not a trendy one.
  5. violet!
  6. :yes: yay go for colour violet or rouge h or a nice blue
  7. I hear you on this one...I say Hermes makes great colors...I love chocolate and brown, but sometimes I just feel you buy Hermes too for the gorgeous colors...How about raisin? It is dark...a color and very lovely in person...pictures don't do it justice. hence, a color and dark.
  8. I've been using a Rouge Vif Chevre Mysore Bearn for a couple of years now and it still looks terrific. I don't put coins inside, though. Instead, I use a separate H coin purse because I'd hate to ruin the inside of the change compartment of the Bearn!
  9. I bet it is GORGEOUS! I have a chevre rouge vif birkin and adore the color. Have you posted pics of your bearn?

    As for your coin purse - what are they like? Now I'm wondering if I should get one....?:rolleyes:
  10. Mn, I have a Rouge Vif Birkin 30 in Chevre de Cor., too! It is TDF!

    I don't remember the name of my coin purse but it's one of those trapezoidal-looking thingies w/ a snap. When you open it, it's like an accordion so it holds a LOT of coins! It is in orange Chevre Mysore/silver HW.
  11. I saw one of those coin purses in vibrato. Gorgeous!
  12. I didn't know that they made vibrato coin purses! :heart:
  13. Mn, here's a link to the kind of coin purse that I use. I never knew the name but apparently, it's called the "Le 24". Oops, it's hexagonal, not trapezoidal! This is by one of my favorite Hermes sellers on eBay. What a great price!


    I do have a pic of my Rouge Vif Bearn but I can't seem to find it on my hard drive right now.
  14. That is just so pretty...really nice color...gorgeous chevre
  15. They're very compact, too! But they hold so many coins, it's almost unbelievable how many you can fit. I've had my orange Chevre one for a while, so inside it's a bit mucky now from all the dirty coins. :yucky:

    Iris168 sold it for a great price! From what I remember, it retails for about $300.