Wallet color vs. bag color- HELP!

  1. :confused1:Ok, so if both my Chanels are black...if I exchange my wallet on a chain for the brown with silver hardware (it is the kind with the Mme lock- so cute, it looks just like the flap bags but tiny)...is that weird to have a brown wallet in a black bag?

    I need a brown bag occasionally- I'm mostly a person who wears black but I have a few brown things that need a brown bag. Soooo I am think maybe it would be a 'smart' choice to have the WOC as my brown bag but use it as a wallet everyday. Then I would return my new brown Gucci and LV. (serious $ savings!!!!)

    Any advice???
  2. i think the wallet on chain in brown is a great idea and if it saves you money then yeah, go for it!!
  3. Go for it. I don't match my wallets to my handbags. I like to have a lot of colors so I pick accessories for my bags that work well for me and transfer them from bag to bag.
  4. I don't think it will look odd at all. Often times, I will buy a wallet that will match more than one purse--I actually think it adds a nice contrast. I have a beige wallet to match my pale pink, beige and taupe purses and white to match my grey and black purses.
  5. Hmmm, I'm not a matchy-matchy person but I keep thinking that maybe the brown with black wouldn't look so great...I could totally see other colors matching/going with black but for some reason I just don't know when it comes to black & brown together...hmmm...:confused1:
  6. i've never match my wallet w my purse...
  7. Hmmm, it sounds like this is going to bother you a lot. I'm not sure if you're the same way, but whenever I question something, I have to pay attention to that feeling or I will regret it in the end!
  8. Have whatever colour you want!
  9. I have a brown distressed wallet that I initially bougth since I had ab rown hobo, but now it goes everywhere, Inside the black Chanel, Camel, grey...haha I'd rather save for more purses than wallets, so I am only keeping the one large wallet for now. As long as you love the color of the wallet, i think its fine.