Wallet & Bags- Have to Match?

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  1. Soo I was all ready to buy the large leather ergo tote in camel, went to the store, and saw a hamptons bag that I want more. I was all set to buy the ergo tote, no worries, because I have a signature wallet in camel that matches. The hamptons bag is dark brown though, so I would have to shell out the extra money for the wallet as well which puts me over $600... and here I am, indecisive & without new bag.

    My question is ... how do you feel about the bag & wallet matching? Does it bother you if they don't? Do you always plan to buy the matching wallet for a new bag? Or do you have a favorite wallet that sort of goes with everything?

    I'm going to keep saving since I can't stand to have a camel wallet and a dark brown bag. Or maybe I will just buy the ergo bag now and the other set later :smile:
  2. I would love to have matching wallets for every bag, but I can't justify doing that. So I basically have one wallet that goes with lots of different bags. This is the first year, however that I have purchased a spring/summer wallet (pear sign checkbook) and replaced my fall/winter (tobacco sign checkbook) wallet. Most of the time I would rather spend money on a new purse. Therefore, I just don't feel the need to spend it on a wallet that may match.
  3. Nope. I don't match my wallet and purse. Heck...often they're not even the same brand! LOL Might be Coach (wallet), LV (bag), and Gucci (makeup case). Also can get mighty expensive to have everything match.
  4. i have never bought a coach wallet simply beacuse they are so expensive and as said ealier almost as much as a handbag...therefore, i will often buy a wristlet and /or minnie skinny that matches my bag instead. that way i can always carry the wristlet by itself for quick runs to the store or generally when shopping
    i love wristlets and they can be used as a wallet!!!
  5. I usually try and get wallets that will match with several bags. Even if it's not the same line if the leather matches then I'm fine.
  6. I have my chocolate signature wallet that I use in every bag. I don't care if they match and its too much trouble to constantly change wallets as often as I change my bags(which is almost daily).
  7. Oh good grief I'd be broke if my wallets had to match my bags, LOL! I've got an LV mono zippy wallet and she goes into all my bags, Coach and all!!
  8. I like to have my wallet match my bags but some wallets will go with more than one bag. Before I buy a bag I always make sure that I have accessories to match. I don't usually purchase bags outside of brown or black even though I do have one turquoise ergo tote but even the brown signature wallet would have been fine to carry with it.
  9. unfortunately for my pocketbook I am COMPLETELY OCD about this and it DEFINATELY HAS TO MATCH!

    but I am constantly downsizing my purse collection so that makes it easy to match stuff when you don't have that much to begin with!
  10. Of course I think it looks good if the purse matches my wallet but it's not a must. I rather spend my money on a new bag than buying a matching wallet to each and every one of my purses. It's hard enough as it is to switch purses, I wouldn't want to have to do the same with a wallet too. :p

    But maybe if I had the money I would buy a matching wallet to my babies.
  11. I'm not matching my wallet and bags. It would add up to a lot of $$$$. I rather spend more money on buying a nicer wallet than spending a little here and there.
  12. mine don't have to match either but i do have alot of skinnies and wristlets soo.. if they have to match, i am sure i can pull something out..
  13. I am a very matchy matchy person when it comes to these things, so I find myself having ONE khaki signature wallet to go w/ ALL my khaki bags, etc...I buy ONE in a certain color that will go w/ more than just one bag! The only time I would veer away from this, for example, is when I just HAD to buy the denim signature stripe mini zip wallet to match my denim signature stripe tote b/c it was just soooooooooooooo cute, but that's "different" b/c it's a different type of color to match, being denim. The rest of my wallets arent necessarily the SAME exact match as the bag, but they match!!!
  14. OH...and BTW....I just ordered a chocolate signature purse, so I am going to the boutique tomorow or Monday to buy a chocolate signature wallet b/c I dont have a wallet in that color! I guess I am NO help to you!!!! Sorry!
  15. I am a pretty matchy-matchy person and I do have a wallet, wristlet, or skinny that matches each bag. And if I don't, no worries.....I have the legacy stripe french wallet that goes with pretty much everything!!