wallet as clutch, vice-versa

  1. do you usually carry your wallet as a clutch or just as a wallet? :yes:
  2. My wallet is a wallet but I do want a wallet/clutch. I've been looking at the Marc Jacobs zip clutch and it seems perfect!

    My use my clutches as clutches since I have to carry more than money most of the time, like lip gloss, mints, cell phone, etc. which will never fit in my wallet.
  3. I occasionally carry my wallet as a clutch when I just run out to the store. I have a weakness for smart-looking wallets, so don't mind showing mine off. Mostly, though, I stash my wallet inside a larger bag. Recently, I've gotten into wristlets, which I'm starting to like in lieu of wallets for those jaunts to the store.
  4. clutch is classy IMO but i do like wristlets too :tup: i have a few wristlets :yes: clutches reminds me of SATC :graucho:
  5. I'll carry the Camellia or something like it as a clutch if I'm just going to the store nearby. Usually I'll carry my purse and all its contents.