wallet and agenda question

  1. Do you guys like your wallet and agenda to match, like same line and color...like vernis wallet and vernis agenda in the same color or same line but different color?? Get what I'm saying?? I have the vernis framboise zippy wallet and I just purchased the vernis agenda in noisette. Should I keep it or exchange it for the framboise one? I just :heart: the pink, but I dont know if it looks better same colors or different. Thanks guys;)
  2. Nobody:crybaby: ??
  3. get what you love :smile: i think it doesn't hurt to have your accessories not match. it makes it more interesting! framboise and noisette are complimentary colors anyway ;)
  4. I actually don't like my accessories to be too matchy matchy. I think that framboise and noisette will compliment each other nicely.
  5. I think you should purchase what you want. Personally, I like my accessories to match, but that is what I like.
  6. No not really. Sometimes I just feel like buying matching things for a certain bag. But as time goes on and I acquire more pieces, I just mix them up a bit.
  7. personally, i like everything to match - bag, wallet, agenda & any other accessories.

    but i definitely don't think it looks bad to have accessories that don't match. it's just a personal choice, everyone's different. get what you really love :yes:
  8. I like to have different accessories, like in my noisette roxbury you might find a groom agenda, mc or pomme wallet... sometimes I do try to match things but sometimes I like variety. Just get what you like individually and combine them how you see fit :smile:
  9. Personally, I love diversity

    I have a Damier wallet and an Epi Agenda in my Mono bag :nuts:

    But it think it's such as nice to have everything matching. When wearing my Naviglio, everytime when I have to pay and pull my Damier Pochette wallet out of there, I get a total kick. It's just so cute how it matches :p
  10. I like things to compliment each other, not neccessarily match. I have pomme wallet, and pomme agenda will be here tomorrow. After ordering my agenda I kinda had second thoughts, and was wondering if I should've got framboise too! The color really is so beautiful! Instead I decided to stay with the pomme, and get framboise down the road. Well, probably not too far tho. :graucho:
  11. I like my things to match (mono cardholder and mono small agenda) but you should get what you love.
  12. I'm a matchy matchy.
  13. I agree with the complimenting of accessories. Mine are all a mismatch. I have a pomme key holder, pomme cles, Framboise agenda, and mono: cc holder, ipod holder, wallet in my purse.
  14. i think framboise and noisette looks well together, but then if you are a pink girl, then go for the framboise agenda. i personally think you can't go wrong with the yummy vernis colors! together, they all look just fabulous!