Wallet and a Clutch

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  1. Hey Ladies I have a question. Do you still carry a wallet in you clutch/wristlet or does your clutch/wristlet function as you wallet?
  2. I have a this Balenciaga Wallet that I love so much, I wear it as a clutch, too.[​IMG]
  3. i use my wallet as a clutch too =)
  4. I never carry my wallet as a clutch, instead I use a small card case. It has just enough room for my ID, CC and money, and slips in easily to any of my clutches. I feel uncomfortable with the idea of having my wallet so exposed...weird I know. :P
  5. If I use a clutch I have a tiny wallet and a tiny card case so Ill use one of those two as a wallet.
  6. Depending on the size of the clutch, I may or my not use a small card case instead. If the clutch is on the smaller side, though, I just stick my cash & cards in.
  7. A regular wallet. Clutch will be great as well but no compartment I guess. And if you're using a smaller bag, will the clutch fit in?
  8. I tend to use wallets that I could use as clutches, but I don't really tend to...instead, I'll put the long wallet in a slightly larger actual clutch, so that I can also put in a phone, keys, and lipgloss if I need/want to.
  9. No, I generally don't - smaller clutches are, obviously, too small and most of my larger clutches have large enough internal pockets, anyway, so I just tend to use them instead of a wallet.

    In fact, I do that with large bags as well - just dump everything in the internal pocket! :biggrin:

    After all, cards and notes don't, generally, need to be contained in a wallet, do they? It's really just coins that are awkward, as they can roll around everywhere in a larger pocket. Sometimes I'll just stick a coin purse in there for that very reason.

    Also, one of the reasons I like using clutches is because I prefer to travel light -so loading them up with extra, unnecessary (or barely necessary) stuff kind of defeats the main purpose of them for me.

    Actually, I find I don't use my continental wallets inside bags, at all, as I like using them as clutches and I don't want to ruin them. So, it's really only my French wallets that ever get used inside bags and I only have a couple of them, so I guess I really can't feel the need for them, most of the time, can I? :shrugs:

    In the case of clutches that are too small to hold a wallet, the only time it really bothers me not to is in the case of my leather and suede-lined ones, as I don't like having to put coins straight into them, as they may be dirty. So, I've been looking for a very small, plain, suede, foldover (I don't want anything with a frame, or a metal clasp, or any other kind of metal embellishment as it may dent the very soft leather linings) coin purse, in a lightish sand colour (to avoid colour transfer to the light leather linings), but to no avail, so far; so I've been thinking of using a sand suede, drawstring jewellery pouch, instead.

    After all, people used to use drawstring pouches for coins, didn't they (think Robin Hood, LOL!)?

    I may get some funny looks but, frankly, who cares? :lol: