Wallet : anais vs helene

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  1. +1 Exactly all this, but I do use the coin compartment, I get a coin stuck here and there but overall I can get to most coins easily and it's big enough to throw a bill or receipt there, works for me :tup:
  2. I'll take a phot for you tomorrow. It really is the best wallet I've ever had. I look at others but they just don't compare. One day I might buy the anais in a different print to mix it up ;)
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    I hope this helps! Lots of cards fit in the compartment at the front, behind the button. I don't need to put any cards in the coin compartment to fit all these in. So on a daily basis I will have all these cards, a few coins, a couple of bills and a folded up love note my hubby once put in my wallet. It fits SO much!

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  4. I prefer the anais wallet. :smile:
  5. Oh gosh thanks a lot to all of you guys!
    Informative and really helpfull.
    Now i know what i need.
    Thanks a lot TPFs