Wallet : anais vs helene

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    Hi there.
    I already search and read this forum but, not exactly answer my question.
    Need your opinion.

    Planning to buy small wallet, can't decided between anais and helene.
    From outside, i like shape of helene.
    From inside, i like both. Enough for card and has a coin partition.

    But for the cash compartment, this one is bothering me. Which one better? Which one have a good big enough mouth to in/out cash money? Means effective when we are in a hurry to put our cash?
    Then the wallet must be will bulky, it's doesn't matter. Just which one is keep on easy to snap the button when they are on bulky?

    Please give me an input, really appreciate ypur hope.
  2. For refference:
    Anais (left) vs helene (right)
  3. I like the Anais...but I love the images of the Victoria??(not sure on the name) and Rosalie coming in April. They are both similar. Have you seen them in the New Bags 2016 thread?
  4. I have the Helene wallet, I got it when it first came out. I had originally got it to use in my smaller bags and also to use on vacation, but I have found it so easy and convenient that I have been using it as a daily wallet in all of my bags. I have loaded it up several times while on vacation with lots of $1 bills and coins and the flap still closed. I like that I can put bills in without folding them, and I like just having a smaller wallet for my basic cards and money. I have had a couple larger and more expensive LV wallets (I just parted with one zippy compact wallet and still have a mono Etoil wallet), but find this one to be nice and casual, and just easily goes from one bag to another, regardless of the bag size. :cool:
  5. I keep cash, receipts, 10+ cards and coins in my Anais. It doesn't bulk up at all. It stays the same shape as when it's empty. Have you watched the YouTube review by szys of it?
  6. Hi there.
    Thank you, i don't notice lv will launch a new small wallet until you said about that.
    Yeah will be great if i am waiting both of them, maybe in the end of month or next month, isn't?
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    Yes, i already watched many review between helene and anais, lol.
    But all of them put not too much cash, unfortunately.

    And how about the opening partition of cash? Is it easy to in/out cash? Or need a time to arrange them properly?
  8. Wow thanks for your review.
    How is she nowadays? Still great?
  9. It's easy to get cash in and out.
  10. I have the anais wallet and she's fantastic.

    What I like about it:
    I can keep a lot of cards in there. I keep about 15 cards in there because there is also a little compartment I put my store cards/coupons in.

    Don't have to fold bills - makes it easier to find your money.

    Separate coin compartment. I love this!

    The shape of the wallet is very ladylike and dainty. I like the gold hardware - not too overpowering.

    Works well in larger bags like my NF MM because it's a proper wallet but also fits my my noe bb or pochette.

    I don't have to baby it AT ALL. I literally throw it around and it's still in amazing condition.

    Not bulky or too long. I'm used to using Mulberry long wallets (similar to Sarah) but I can't seem to switch back to it. Just seems to big and unnecessary.

    What I don't like:
    Can be a bit difficult getting coins out. This doesn't bother me because I hardly ever have coins!
  11. Woww 15 cards? Amazing! Where are you put all of them? Inside coin compartment also? How much cards can fit on coin compartment?
    You are really help me, thanks a lot!
  12. Still great!! Looks great!! Using this wallet right now. I love it in my smaller LV bags that I use on the weekends. :smile:
  13. I have the Helene. It's a great little wallet. Cash in and out is easy. As far as bulk- if you put too much coins in it will get bulky and a little hard to snap shut. The only think I think I would have preferred is to have the coin compartment on the outside in the form of a zipper to make the wallet even more compact.
  14. Neither