Wallet Advice

  1. Ok, so I finally got my wallet. I got the long camella wallet to match my cc holder.
    But I am not so sure I am in love with it because it doesn't have a clasp. I have other caviar and cambon wallets, does anyone have any other suggestions? I need a wallet that closes and doesn't just hang open. Any ideas? I would like to call my SA and have her send me another one before I return this beautiful wallet.
  2. oh! i have the same wallet. mine's in patent metallic red, it's like a fold wallet with no clasp right? it doesn't hang open IMO. i absolutely love the style! it's my 1st time trying it out too, i think it's so fab and convenient. i'm impatient so sometimes the clasp pisses me off! i don't like purses with too many compartments either, it just confuses me cause i'm a scatty and i would forget where i put my stuff and get all panicky over nothing! :p

    xoxo, C
  3. have you looked in the accessories thread in the Library?
    Do you want a small folded French wallet or is a long checkbook wallet okay?
  4. Oh, I love the foldover wallets. They do stay closed and are really convenient. Half the time I don't even snap or zip my bags or wallets, so the open variety is perfect for my lazy a$$.

    But if you must have a snap, I suggest the timeless classic long wallet. Pics of mine below. I love the quilted lambskin and it isn't that delicate really.

    Timeless Classic:
  5. Also, look into the PNY wallet that both snaps and zips around. There are still some available in boutiques but the department stores are sold out.
  6. Sorry to butt in, but may I ask how much this wallet is? Also, does it come in caviar leather? The lambskin looks so luscious but I'm pretty hard on the contents of my bag so I'm worried that it might get scratched.
  7. ^^ I won that wallet on eBay for $380. It was from the Fall 06 collection and retailed for $650. I had to go back and check the Nordstrom lookbook to find it! It does come in caviar but I'm not sure which stores carry it. The Las Vegas boutiques have a huge wallet selection - might want to try there.
  8. I purchased the medium Camelia wallet today.. after being able to view all 3 sizes ... I also thought it was odd that the longer wallet didn't have a clasp to it... the smaller wallet was cute.. & I loved the large gusseted coin compartment.. but needed a larger compartment to store my receipts etc. So I ended up getting the medium size... it's simple & it's easy. The coin compartment was easy to get in and out of. Have you tried the medium sized wallets? I also saw a metallic wallet in red & black today... (longer size).. my SA said it was part of the newer line? (I'm new to Chanel.. so i have no idea whats new and whats not) gOod luck on your decision!
  9. roey, thank you so much for the info! You got it at a great price! Does it hold a lot? I have long wallets and tend to stuff them and a lot of times, it doesn't close too well even with just my usual wallet basics...
  10. I have a classic black caviar wallet which is long and fastens with a neat silver CC popper. Also, maybe worth looking at the reissue wallet which I love!
  11. Yes, it is pretty roomy. I don't over stuff a wallet but do put in credit cards, checkbook and register (between the cc side and change purse side), bills and coins. No receipts or anything but with the basics I have no problem with closure.
  12. Excellent deal Roey, congrats! It's a lovely wallet :girlsigh:
  13. Swanky, I have some french purse styles already, I wanted a different style-I guess its checkbook/continental they call it? I have to go back and take a look at the classics-thank you everyone!
  14. Roey- ur wallet is truly beautiful!
  15. Thanks Nathalie and ChinaLocaChanel. The great Michele helped authenticate it! It's such a rich brown IRL.