Wallet advice...

  1. Although i thought my Ludlow would be the PERFECT wallet.. its turns out otherwise. sigh
    Its great for going out or whatever but everday i need somethign just a step above.. so what do you guys think.. all i need is compact, 4-8cc slots, change comp., and place for $$$..

  2. what about Koala I've never seen inside of it but I think that's a fairly compact size
  3. Koala would be perfect. (I have three of them.)
  4. I love my Koala


  5. The Koala has a 9 CC slots, has a zipped coin purse, a transparent pocket for ID's and anotherpocket for your cash. Clasp is UNIQUE. I vote for the KOALA ;)
  6. I love my PTI's.
  7. I think the Koala would be a good fit for you.
  8. I love my koala :smile: and the color makes me happy.
  9. IDK i'm not really feeling the big koala buckle and when you go to the slimming buckles i dont really care for vernis, mc, or epi. and nomade is just way too high maintenance for my taste
  10. How about the zipped compact wallet?
  11. Thank you everyone for your input!
  12. what do you guys think of the suhali compact zipped wallet? or should i go mono
  13. What about the suhali zippered wallet?
    I just got in black and it is gorgeous and very nice size.
    I think it has 14 card holder, zippered change, two secions for money and two sections for receipts and whatever.
    I used as a clutch ,put my cell phone, a small nokia flip and lip gloss and went to dinner with hubby.It is so soft and I just love touching it.
  14. A koala would be perfect for you. I have a MC koala and a ludlow in Epi. So the ludlow is for small change and some extra cards whilst the MC koala is the 'main' wallet for all else. :tup:
  15. I really love the French Purse because it looks so
    classy and has the little clasp compartment for change.
    I'm waiting for the new version that has more CC slots.:drool: