Wallet advice, somewhat urgent...

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  1. Hi guys, I recently got a mono snapped billfold wallet off eBay used. John5 so kindly authenticated the wallet for me which I am very grateful for :heart:

    The wallet retails for $470 and the starting bid price was $188 with $12 shipping. The buy it now price was $228 which is what I got it for. There was about a day and a few hours left when I hit the buy it now.

    The wallet arrived today and I noticed that the sealant was peeling in an area and another area and that it had peeled off in a small area as well. The wallet was described as "excellent pre-owned". I saw in the pictures of the auction that there was this little brown hangy thing and I didn't realize that it was the peeling sealant. I was ok with the fact that there was a dimple on the interior cross grain leather from the snap indentation and also ok with the fact that you could see the snap impression through the mono canvas, like you could see that there was a snap under the canvas is what I'm trying to say. If it's visible in the pics I know what I'm in for. There were also 2 pen marks on the interior that were not mentioned but don't bother me. I am only bothered by something that could be an ongoing problem (continuing to peel).

    The seller just said 'return it w/in 7 days' and I'm torn. I feel like a cheapie but personally I feel like I was a bit taken to not be told about the sealant.

    what do you think? She responded very curtly and said that the sealant peeling is common for these wallets and that was all. Why on earth do people covet these wallets when they don't wear so well? These just don't seem so well made and like they would last for years. The datecode is relatively young as well, only '03.

    I wanted a wallet to match my bags :sad: but I'm not willing to pay $470 for new...yet. I think I probably would have been ok paying what I did for this one, had I known it had a sealant issue. I asked for a partial refund, $40 off so it would be the starting price if no one else bid.

    On a different but still similar note, she wrapped it really awfully, crumpled used tissue paper that had a brown mark on it *yuck* and tossed it into a priority paper envelope. I would have used clean tissue paper and a ziplock to protect it from the elements.

    Please advise what you would do?
  2. Why don't you take it in to the boutique, and see what they can do for you. I think that 're-glazing' is the term, if I have understood you correctly. More qualified LV fanatics will be on their way soon t give you a hand. But, if you are not totally happy with it, then return and save the hassle of getting it 're-glazed'. Hope everything works out well for you
  3. thank you Olive for your reply. I have heard about reglazing. I guess it would be of interest to me if it's not very expensive. I am thinking I'll just use the wallet and then resell it one day and get a better one w/ the proceeds from it and add onto that amount. I will have to sell it around x-mas*best price time* though in order to recoup what I paid since when I list things I show all damage and very detailed pictures. I've experienced this on eBay before, that seller's leave details out to get better prices.
  4. i would return the wallet. the cost of reglazing and what ya paid for, it would make more sense to get a brand new wallet? personally, i think the wallet won't fetch for alot when ya sell it near christmas time.

    i would save up, and get a brand new wallet. i do think lv wallets last for a long time, and it would be great if ya could break in a completely new wallet of your own, baby it, and see that it last ya for many years to come. (:
  5. I think given the photo's showed peeling you have nothing to stand on there for a return/ refund. As for the pen marks, you saved 200+ dollars. Unless they are across the wallet from one side to the other i'd be happy with the wallet. maybe they are small enough the prevous owner didnt see them.

    can you post pic's of the wallet and your concerns..?
    what about link to the auction... maybe you just didnt notice the pen marks in the auction.
  6. I would take it to LV and see what the repair would cost, if anything. They may re glaze it, or they may say that there is nothing they can do.

    If the seller did not disclose the issue, then return it.
  7. If you're not going to be happy with it, return it. There's no sense on keeping something that you're not in love with.
  8. If you can return it. I have this wallet and have had no problems with it. You could buy a new billfold wallet without a coin purse for that money.
  9. I agree that you should return it and buy a new one. You will never be happy with it and will probably eventually buy a new one anyway. Good Luck.
  10. if you are not happy return and buy new.
  11. If you aren't 100% in love with it &&& it's going to cost too much to repair, definitely send it back!!!
  12. Thanks everyone for responding. I decided I want to keep the wallet, I do love it, despite it's flawed sealant. I feel that the seller should do some type of token refund for the undisclosed damage. The pictures were basically far and I made out the tiniest little brown hangy thing from the pic, there is no way I was able to know that it was peeling sealant. I am unfamiliar w/ vuitton wallets so didn't realize what that indicates (now I know, and know to ask future sellers as well). It was not mentioned in the auction nor was there a picture of the edges of the wallet, nor was there a close up of that hanging little brown piece of sealant. If it were my auction and I was listing it, I would have gotten close ups of the peeling sealant and mentioned it was peeled in certain areas but would have said that it was common to vuitton wallets to lessen the degree of damage that way, but I would have told the buyer in both the description and the pictures.

    I think I got a good deal on the wallet regardless and I am not planning on returning it, half off and it looks very good overall, unless you look over it w/ a fine tooth comb. It just bothers me that sellers do not fess up to all damage on their items. I have no intentions of repairing it and will just use it as is, it's not 'that' bad, it looks very nice, it's more the principle than anything else. She also wrapped it like a piece of garbage, in crumpled tissue paper in a cardboard envelope, and there was some brown gross smudge on the tissue paper as well.

    I decided that I will leave a neutral feedback if she doesn't give some type of token monetary return. In my fb I will mention that there was undisclosed damage and poor packaging. Too often I have bought on eBay and I have been a mouse and taken crap and I'm done w/ sellers getting away with misrepresentation and poor packaging.

    Thanks again for all your advice, it is appreciated. For the person that wanted to know the item #, sorry your screen name escapes me at the moment, I will pm you the auction.
  13. I have a good news update! The seller said she would refund $25, which I'm pleased with. I feel $215 for that wallet is a great price, my disappointment is gone and now I am very happy w/ the transaction. I will ask my dh to take pics of it and post them later or tomorrow. Thanks again for your input guys!
  14. At least she refunded some of your money.

    Despite what she might say, I don't believe peeling sealant is a "common" problem. Many of us here (myself included) own LV wallets and have never had trouble with peeling. It sounds like she didn't treat the wallet well to begin with.
  15. That's nice to hear! :tup: