Wallet advice needed!

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  1. So I am still new to the LV world and I own 3 pieces so far. The Mini Pochette in Monogram, 4 Key Holder in Damier Ebene and the Key Pouch (Cles) in Damier Azur. I wanted all 3 canvas's. I am now wanting a wallet but I can't choose between 3. I did purchase the Zippy Coin Purse in Monogram but I returned it because it was too small for my liking. The 3 I am interested in are the Clemence in Damier Azur with Rose Ballerine interior, the Emilie in Damier Azur with Rose Ballerine interior and the Victorine in Monogram with Rose Ballerine interior. Can't you tell I love Rose Ballerine? Problem is all three have pros and cons. I need all of the advice I can get. I carry at least 7 cards and cash and occasional coins. HELP!!!!! :panic:
  2. I would go with the Victorine!
  3. The Clemence and the Emilie are both outstanding wallets and are very well priced (as far as LV goes) for what you would be getting. The Emilie is great if you tend to carry a lot of cash and coin instead of cards (only 4 CC slots, a generous coin pocket, 2 primary compartments, and the 'secret' space in the back) while the Clemence is better suited for more cards and cash (8 CC slots, 2 compartments, and 2 'secret' spaces between the canvas and leather on either side) but less coin since the centre zippered compartment can get a little bulgy as it's fairly narrow. Between them I prefer the Clemence, despite having a pair of Emilies, since it just fits my lifestyle better at the moment.
    Another thing to consider is whether you prefer a button or zipper closure...both are equally secure so it's just really a matter of personal taste.
  4. It is really cute!!! :heart:
  5. Yeah, I'm afraid the Clemence may be too long of a size? I prefer a zipped closure. Won't the flap on the Emilie and the Victorine flip up over time?
  6. I don't find the Clemence to be too long since it's the same length as the Emilie but a little shorter and more sleek...you shouldn't have any problems unless you have very small purses, but even then I can easily fit it into a Pochette with room to spare. I can't speak for the Victorine but I've yet to have any issues with the Emilie's flap bending upwards or the CC curling despite being used regularly, however I do keep an eye out for potential cracking since the flap tends to have a wide range of motion while being opened and closed which can lead to stress (the Clemence doesn't have these stress points due to its accordion design).
  7. Thanks for your input!
  8. There is a new model Zippy Wallet that has rose Ballerine interior and 12 card slots
  9. I would choose the Victorine. Since it's compact, you can use it in larger as well as most smaller bags. And, even though it only has 6 credit card slots, it has two pockets, which can be used to store additional cards. Also, unlike some other compact wallets, you don't need to fold your cash. The only downside is that the coin compartment isn't that big, but you said you only carry coins occasionally, so maybe it's ok?
  10. +1. I pick my Victorine wallet up tomorrow. I have had (and still own) multiple LV wallets, both compact and long, and the features of the Victorine make it seem like the best of both worlds when it comes to a wallet. Good luck deciding OP
  11. Which wallet is that?
  12. Hello OP!

    I am also looking for a new wallet. I have 2 Sarah wallets and they are just too big for my needs. I am in the market for a more medium sized wallet.

    I just checked out the Clemence and the Emilie and several others in person two days ago in my local store. Clemence and Emilie are both lovely but I felt like the Clemence was a tad too long. Does that make sense? I just felt it was an awkward size for me. The Emilie is really pretty but I didn't like how there was plastic on the inside of the credit card spots and the huge amount of glazing on the sides. I also checked the French Purse which was on my list and the Emp Compact Curieuse.

    Now I am considering the Zippy Compact Wallet. It has a great price point, not a ton of glazing, you can carry US bills without folding them, and it has 9 CC slots. I really like this one. I just wish it came in colors other than Mono. I was hoping for Emp or a mono/leather combo. Perhaps you should consider the Zippy Compact too?
  13. It's designed just like the regular zippy wallet but with the addition of two addl cc slots on each side of the wallet and colored linings. I have mine in the Rose Ballerine. Also comes in fuchsia

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  14. Go for clemence, I don't have any cons to say!
  15. So pretty!