Wallet advice needed

  1. Hey girls.
    I just picked up thislegacy tote in dark brown #7574 :yahoo: at the las vegas outlet yesterday.. I am one happy woman!! :yahoo: The only wallets they had had the bright gold on the signature, not like the legacy worn brass look.. the sa said they do make them but the outlets doens't have them.. so do any of you know where to get them or what wallets match this well? I have looked online, can't find anything.. thanks for the advice!!! :smile:

  2. Beautiful bag. Either call Coach to see if they have any, go to another outlet or keep checking on eBay. :yes:
  3. The only wallet to really match that bag is the Laced Leather Slim Envelope wallet, to my knowledge Coach didn't make Legacy wallets for that collection.
  4. okay thanks for the input, I will keep checking it out!! :smile:
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