Wallet advice? Help please!

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  1. Hello,
    I need advice on which LV wallet to buy. I bought the Pomme Zippy Coin Purse to go with my new Damier Alma (:heart: this!) but I feel like it's on the small side. I'd really like a wallet that's big enough in the long-run as I'm not a huge fan of wallets and would like to limit myself to just one LV wallet (for now, anyway).

    I'm debating between the Pomme Sarah, Zippy Wallet & French Wallet and would love some opinions from ladies who own these wallets (e.g. enough space for cards, adequate space for change etc.).
    Thank you in advance for your advice :smile:
  2. i like the zippy! you can even put your cell in there and use it as a clutch for a quick run to the store!
  3. I don't own the French Wallet, but i do have a vernis sarah and a vernis zippy. I really like the way the vernis Sarah looks, it's very pretty and I love mine dearly. However for space to put lots of things I would definitely go for the zippy. It is beautiful as well, just in a different way from the Sarah. Good luck with your decision!
  4. my fav is the fp. i've owned many lv wallets, but it's always come down to the fp. i just LOVE it. even if i got rid of all my lv bags, i would always keep my fp. it's elegant, it's a nice size, i love the change purse, i just love it! gl!
  5. From your choices, I'd go with the FP. The Sarah and Alexandra are also really nice.
  6. I have the Pomme Sarah and love it, but I would go for a zippy if I were buying another wallet.
  7. Get the zippy!
  8. ZIPPY!!!l

  9. I'd go for the zippy!
  10. I just bought the Sarah in Rose Pop Vernis, and I am in love with it. Get the Sarah, it's so practical and the Vernis is STUNNING!
  11. Pomme Sarah!
  12. The Pomme Sarah is no longer in production. Get the Pomme Zippy while you can. I have the Pomme ZCP and I think it's a perfect wallet but then I also have the Mono Sarah as well. Good luck deciding.
  13. The FP is my favorite small wallet - the Zippy is my favorite large wallet. Get the Pomme Zippy while it is still available!!
  14. Agreed!
  15. Zippy!