Wallet Advice & Big City Scarf

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  1. I was in a Ferragamo store today and fell in love with a wallet. It is the Miss Vara Bow Wallet in Morning Rose.
    It has a hinge opening on the bow in the coin section.
    I never overstuff wallets but wondered how their wallets stand the test of time?
    I asked the SA about the hinge and she said that if a person overstuff the coin section the hinge can lose a screw (which is replaced free in store).

    I have never brought Ferragamo in anything before as I normally buy LV or Prada.
    Just this wallet is my perfect size.

    Also when in store I fell in love with the BIG CITY scarf - but not to wear but to maybe frame.
    has anyone ever framed a scarf?

    Thank you in Advance :biggrin:
  2. I don't have any Ferragamo wallets but I do have 3 of their bags and they're durable! I should baby them far more than I do but they all look flawless, even the little one I use as everything from a clutch to a wallet when I'm traveling.

    If they're willing to replace the screw in store for you and you love the wallet, I say you should go for it.
  3. Thank you, I just might - I shall be back for a reveal :smile:
  4. I have a Ferragamo continental style wallet which I have used on and off for 22 years.
    The leather was extremely durable and the wallet very well made. The weakness in my wallet was the grosgrain ribbon which started to fray.
  5. The freying is it bad? Any chance of a photo? Would be lovely to see a vintage one :graucho:
  6. The ribbon is weak point of a Ferragamo wallet. I contacted Ferragamo and was referred to a leather and shoe repair store in NJ.
    They get the ribbon from Ferragamo and will repair it at a reasonable price.
    I am very impressed with quality of this brand.
  7. I took a photo before I mailed it out to be repaired but unfortunately I can't seem to paste it into this forum.
  8. Oh - you have to do it here by managing the attachments.

    What about the clear window where you can put photos? Have you noticed that still holds up OK or does it go brittle over time?
  9. I didn't have that type of clear window in mine so I don't know how that would hold up.
    The interior of mine was all slots for credit cards and a zippered compartment for change. My wallet was also a black snake material which didn't show scratches. I guess certain leathers hold up better that others.
  10. Well I ordered it yesterday so shall get it tomorrow - so I shall be sure to do a reveal.
    It is the Saffiano type of leather - so should match nicely with my Prada Saffiano Tote (even in a contrast colour) - shall be back tomorrow with photos !!! :yahoo:
  11. Can't wait to see! How about the scarf?
  12. I have not brought the scarf as yet as they only have the one - and it has been on display for quite a while. It is also still full priced. There are no others in stock so I would have to pay full price for one that has been on display - so I am unsure due to it being exposed to the dust and such in the store for that time. I really was wanting to frame it.

    It also is the one with the dark blue edges, and I really would love to buy a pink one if I could. But seems they are now out of stock, so I may have to search for a second hand one? :cool:
  13. I have a zip around Ferragamo wallet that I have been using every day for the past 2 years and it has been holding up great. I have no issues with the outside zipper or the inside zipper. The card slots were tight at first but haven loosen with use. Mine is light in color and just this week I did notice a little tiny mark (maybe a pen, but not too sure since I don't keep pens in my bag). The saffiano leather they use is very high quality. I also have 3 bags and they are amazing. I'm glad you decided to purchase the wallet. I'm sure that you will enjoy it. Definitely post pics when it comes in.
  14. I shall open a thread up with the reveal ...........