Wallet Advice! And Pouch Identification!

  1. So for Xmas I got a Signature Stripe Reversible Large Tote in Black/White and I'm looking for a wallet that would go with the bag. I really like big wallets cause I keep so much random stuff in there...so I was looking at the Hamptons Signature Scarf Print Slim Envelope Wallet...but I was wondering if you know of anything that would match better? Or maybe even just a really functional wallet that you love that would kindof go with the bag?

    And as far as the Pouch Identification goes...for Xmas I got a pouch that looks just like a Signature Stripe Top Handle Pouch...but it doesn't have the C's on it, it actually says "COACH" on it...identification of this pouch is appreciated lol.

    Thanks! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!:yahoo:
  2. Well I would take a picture...but my camera died and the battery is in my dorm at school...which is currently locked. I've been kicking myself for 2 weeks lol.

    The pouch's background color is a light brown, and it says COACH in a darker brown...and the stripe is like a cream color if that helps any.
  3. *Not battery in my dorm...charger. Whoops.