Wall Street Tie - Bulls and Bears

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  1. I know this is kinda late - I understand in conjuction for the opening of the Wall St H store sometime last year, there was a commemorative tie created i.e. with prints of the bulls running up and bears running down the tie. DH came to know about this tie recently (we only got into H late last year), and is hankering for one. My SA (we are in Asia) is going to do a global search for me but the problem is I need to give her the specific/particular colours of the tie I want to put in for the search. SA has given us the various combination of colours it came in but its hard to visualise the colours.

    Does anyone here has one of these ties or pictures of the different colours of the Bulls and Bears tie? Many thanks!! :flowers:
  2. ms piggy, I believe one of my colleagues may have one. If yes, I will take pic and post for you.
  3. Ms. Piggy,
    I bought 2 of my friends the Wall Street ties. I will ask them for pics.
    One has an orange/grey one and the other has the lime/grey one.
  4. allaboutnice thanks for the youtube link. Can't view in the office now - darn those firewalls.

    hermesmonkey, GUCCIhoochie - it would be great if you could post some pics of the ties. Thanks so much!
  5. Ms Piggy

    If the ties or scarfs are exclusive to a particular store (for the store opening), to my understanding, it is not possible for another store to get them via a global search - the global search applies to items that are standard offerings.
  6. Here is a pic Ms Piggy. Unfortunately this tie was exclusive to Wall St and probably won't be available on a global search.
  7. ^ Snap posted at the same time as archangel.
  8. archangel - I was wondering about that too but my SA mentioned they managed to get one in for another customer who requested it last year. We'll see what she can do.

    Handybags - thanks for the pic :flowers: I have actually seen that colour from an article about the Wall St H store in a business magazine - that's where DH got the inkling about the tie. Would love to see more colours especially the rouge based and blue based ones.
  9. Ok Ms. Piggy, sorry for the delay.... since Handybags posted the orange color already I won't. Here is the lime (officially anis/gris/absinthe) one with and without flash.
    Also shown is Navy one (pic courtesy of nypost.com)
    IMG_3275.jpg IMG_3277.jpg IMG_3281.jpg IMG_3282.jpg fashion.jpg
  10. I also found a Red one with grey animals (pic courtesy of forbes.com) but there's also a Red with blue animals.

    edited to add: I found a pic! (courtesy of ebay auction from justscience)
    0904flfod.jpg 89872348_tp.jpg
  11. You're a GEM!!! Thank you so much GUCCI!!! :flowers:

    You've helped tremendoulsy with those pics. All the colours are great (as always with H ties). We'd wanted to pick the red/blue one based on colour description and now we know for sure after seeing the pic. Thank you!!! Wish me luck securing it. :smooch:

  12. Ms. Piggy, it was my pleasure!
    Best of luck with your search!!! :::crossing my fingers:::: :okay:
  13. Are there two separate ties - one with bears and one with bulls?
  14. Only one tie - bulls running up on the front of tie and bears running down on the flip side. :smile: