Wall of Shame

  1. I was inspired by the flipper heels above - let's have a thread for the ugliest shoes you've ever seen!

    I'll go first, these are from "Irregular Choice" a designer on Zappos:
    ugly.jpg ugly2.jpg
  2. Ew. The ones I never understood the craze over were the high heel tennis shoes/boots. Eek.
  3. I'll post pictures later, but I can't print screen now, but the new LV shoes from winter 2007 collection called EMMA are so hideous.
  4. ^^^ Ain't that the truth! Also the Morganne and Titania shoes. I also hated the Manolo high heels timberland boot things.
  5. Couple more, both Dior from Style.com:
    ugly3.jpg ugly4.jpg
  6. hahaha I actually like the Dior ones above.
    I never quite got the converse heels
  7. These Louboutins, original price $1250 :wtf:

  8. I was on MySpace one day and looking at this one girl's profile (sister of my sworn enemy LOL), and she had these heinous things on her profile and some girls actually liked them!

  9. I don't like those particular Irregular Choice shoes but I am a fan of the Irregular Choice. I have 4 pairs and counting. They are bold and different but definitely not for everybody.


  10. :wtf:
  11. :sad:
  12. oooh..

    nice color combo

    what it might look like if david and victoria beckham attempted to collaborate on a shoe collection

  13. I really really dont like these! $1250 ! :weird:
  14. dont know what brands these are but they are quite irregular choice ...
    U2.jpg U1.jpg
  15. those green ones look like something Willy Wonka would wear!