Walking in Search of Wisdom


Mar 9, 2006
Have you all heard of the heavy man that was fed up with his life and his body, so he decided to get a backpack and trek across the U.S.? He started last April and I heard this story way back when. He left his wife and kids home and she fully stood behind him. (she has since asked for a divorce) He was so heavy (400 plus pounds) he had a hard time walking. He has since lost 120 pounds. He should have finished by now, but is about 500 miles away from hitting NYC.
He already has a lucrative book deal and most likely a movie and of course Oprah has a piece of him already. He has a website

In January 700,000 people visited his site. When he gets to NYC his finish will be marked by the Today show.
His goal is just to be happy and be the best he can be at whatever his life hands him.
If you have time you may want to read about him. It is a nice message he is trying to send out. Just be the best YOU can be no matter what it is.
I saw something on the news about him when he started out. I think it takes a lot of courage to do something like this. I was reading his website a while back and some of the things that happened to him were awful - people calling him names, throwing stuff at him as they drive by. But then there were people who went out of their way to find him as he was walking through their area to give him support.

I will check out the website again - thanks for reminding me of this!
Oh wow, I forgot all about him! I saw him on the Today show last year when he was just starting his walk. Good for him for sticking with it, I think a lot of people would give up, especially with the wife asking for a divorce.

I'll have to check out his website. Thanks for posting this!