walking down the street this morning...


Feb 1, 2006
I went shopping this morning to pick up a few more things for vacation. It was a gorgeous morning. 75 degrees and I was loving it! So as I was strolling down the street, peeking in different windows along the way to my destination, fuschia pref bag on my arm...this lady walked by me with a Hermes bag, I SWEAR to the heavens above she looked at my bag and almost like cringed, and I'll be damned if her arm did not get higher trying to show ME that she had the bag she did...it was hilarious. 15 minutes later I saw her at Fast buck Freddys, (key west version of a dept. store) I was looking at shoes and here she comes....she ends up by me and she took in every inch of me...staring at my jewelry, what I was wearing and then made comment on my wedding ring...it is fabulous. I thanked her, and wanted to run...She said oh what a cute little bag! (very *****y) I knew her cost more than like 8 of my louis...she was such a ***** and really pissed me off. I live very comfortably and have worked hard for my wealth. I am not a snob in anyway...she was everything I hope NEVER to be.
You live in Florida...I know the type...I live here too....what a classless *itch. Totally low class and the bottom line here is she is not a happy person. That is classic of someone who is not happy. Look beyond the woman you are far above her!
Trust me snobs occur in PA, too. I had a nasty experience once. I hate being sized up. Also, I have met my share of well-to-do people who could care less about fashion.
ayla said:
This just goes to show that money cannot buy class !! How awkward for her !

How true! I admire other people's bags when they are of nice quality and I like the bags-- no other reason....I always say, it would be a boring world if we were all alike!:P