Walking down the aisle - Show me your bridal nails

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  1. Little bump for this since me and the DF will have our civil ceremony on 10/10/2012. :nuts:
  2. Congrats!! :flowers:
  3. congrats! have you picked a nail colour yet?

    I still don't have a dress so I haven't started thinking colours yet lol... I still have 7 months though..
  4. I'm not really sure on fingers, but I'll definitely do Riva on my toes. I'm wearing silver peep-toes no matter what the weather will be. :P First thing I hunted down after I got engaged because I wanted them soooo bad. :biggrin:

    We are probably doing an autumn theme (cream, chocolate brown, punpking orange) and I'm not sure I want to match my nails to that. Though China Glaze's Riveting is one kick-@$$ colour. :P

    I was thinking about doing either Chanel Frisson or Morning Rose, but now I'm thinking I have to pick my bouquet first so it doesn't clash, kwim?

    (Gosh, that's really a 1st World Problem... :Push: :shame:smile:
  5. I vote for MR, thats what I'm gonna wear when I eventually get martied :biggrin:
  6. I know you'd say that. :P How many BUs do you have of MR?

    Hahaha, this has to be my favourite typo on tPF ever. :lol: Especially since DF's name is Martin. I'm gonna be martied. :yahoo:
  7. LOL great typo :biggrin: that's what being on tpf from an iphone does to you :P

    I invented a new word :biggrin: LOL

    Uhm, I have a few... Plus a few... Plus a few more...
  8. Just as suspected.... *g*
  9. This is the best pic I have. Baby blue french tips with silver accents. She could not understand what I was asking for so I think I ended up with one silver line, I wanted a spray of silver lines that kinda matched an accent in my flowers but lol whatever. At least when my children get married their nails will be fab! I got married years before I realized nails were a passion.

  10. Well dont worry with your nails out shinning hers, with her bouquet & ring an all her nails will hardly be of attention ;) plus you'll have your bouquet to draw the attention away
  11. ok so i have my dress! it's champagne nude silk with a black waistband. so um... yeah. i have no idea what colour to wear.

    maybe black, ha!
  12. Congrats!! The hard part is done and now the NP fun begins. And I don't see anything wrong with black nails! But if you don't love it, every single polish will work with the color scheme you have going on :smile: keep us updated!
  13. I think I would like a classic red or a very glossy peachy nude like Butter London Teddy Girl
  14. China Glaze Fast Track is a lovely shade, my sister calls it "the wedding polish" :smile:
  15. I did my sister's nails for her wedding last week ... it looked awesome but sadly I forgot to take a nail picture. I'll have to wait and see if the professional photographers got any good nail pics.

    I gave her a classic french manicure with a little bit of shimmer:

    - Chanel base coat
    - Essie Waltz freehand on tips (this is a sheer, self-leveling white so it looked very natural)
    - 1 coat of OPI Bubble Bath (my favorite sheer pink...also self-leveling)
    - 1 coat of Deborah Lippmann Diamonds & Pearls (subtle, sheer gold sparkle)
    - Dior top coat