Walking a cat?

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  1. Does anyone here take their cats out for a walk on a leash or harness? One of my cats is driving me crazy, meowing non-stop all day long to be let out. I'm seriously toying with the idea of taking him for walks in the morning, like a dog. But I'm not sure if he'll worm his way out of the harness and run off. Advice anyone?
  2. i know it's possible but i've never done it.

    i don't think your cat would be able to wiggle himself out of the harness, they go around the legs and back. i would think the only way for him to get free would be for the harness to break off the leash.

    i would say go buy a harness and give it a shot :smile: you don't necessarily have to take him for a walk.. just maybe take him outside in the yard and see how he reacts.

    i was thinking about doing this with one of my cats, he escapes every so often when i'm not looking but never goes very far. but my other cats have no desire to go outside so i don't want to have to worry about fleas.
  3. I tried it and my cat did not go for it at all. Every time I put that harness on him, he would just fall limp and lay on the ground. I'd tug on it (just to let him know to get up and walk) but he wouldn't budge. He would rather me drag him across the ground than walk in that thing. LOL

    Now when I would take the harness off, he would pop up and just run all over the place.
  4. ^^ lol
  5. My Bengal and my British Blue Shorthair will walk where they want to in my back yard on a harness and lead but I couldn't imagine that they could be taken out for a walk. As someone else said, they tend to roll over on their backs (or mine walk backwards) if they get irritated by the lead.
  6. Oh that's so hilarious! I can imagine him doing just that if I put a harness on him. Rolling around to get out of it. But then again, he might be so fixated on getting out, that he might be willing to sacrifice a bit of discomfort. Thanks everyone for your advice!
  7. The other day I saw someone walking their cat in a cat stroller. I was laughing so hard when I saw that but it did look like kitty was enjoying the ride.

    I bought a harness for my Bengal kitten and right now she is getting used to wearing it. I just put it on her and let her roam the house with it on. If I take her out it will just be in the backyard.

  8. Kirsten, thanks for sharing the photo. It's hilarious! Once, I saw a family with a baby pram. I peered in thinking it was a cute little baby, but it was a pug, an overweight one too! The things we do for our babies!
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    I walk my cat on occasion on a leash. I've even posted a thread about it a while back, lol. My best advice.... first try it out indoors..put the leash on him and a strong harness. Try it out for a week or so. Then when you feel your cat is ready slowly take it for short walks (on of course a strong harness). Steer away from loud noises...and other dogs (unless your cat does well with them). Good luck!
  10. My SO is taking him for a walk in the first pic. Second one is of him trying to go after a bird who was teasing him, lol! Don't worry the bird was unharmed.
    stanwalking.JPG stanrunning1.JPG
  11. LOL I'd walk my pugs in a stroller but they need the exercise. Pugs can't walk long distances because they can overheat quickily. I like to walk around this nearby lake that is 3 miles and would love to take my pugs. I thought of buying them a wagon I can pull them in when they get tired but then I realized I'd be pulling 60lbs of pug (I have 3 of them) around.
  12. kirsten, that's such a cute picture! Hmmm, I'm very tempted to buy that stroller..lmao!
  13. Sweetpea, I'm very inspired by your photos. I'm going to try it on my cat. Otherwise his wailing is going to drive me insane. Do you use a retractable leash?

    Kirsten, sounds like if you walk your pugs, you'd be the one exercising instead!
  14. ^Cool! Keep us posted. And no it isn't a retractable leash.
  15. These pics are hilarious, thx for sharing!