walked past LV today :(

  1. I was in manchester for a university day and i walked past selfridges which has a small LV shop inside. In the window they had the perfo, scarf and some vernis items.

    I have to say the reade vernis is much much smaller than i thought, still cute though. I also thought the framboise would be more shimmery than it was so that sort of upset me, i wanted it to be like all sparkly lol but anyway i saw the perfo items for the first time IRL and i was shocked by the fuschia colour, i thought it would be more bright and lighter but infact the pink is rather dark isnt it. Does anybody know if the colour on the bandeau is the same as on the bag etc...

    I didnt have chance to go into the store (my feet were literally burning with paid :sad2: ) but this is just my opinion on the styles and since im sitting here bored, i thought id share them.

    i also thought id tell you of my pain at having to walk past harvey nichols, selfridges and LV without going in, god it was a sad sad moment for me, hurt me deeply inside :sad2: :P

    yerrr so thats my little 'story' 'opinion' whatever! *im soooo bored right now*
  2. Yeah, the Vernis Reade is small but I love it so much! I wish I had all the colors.
  3. lol it did look soo cute but far too small for me *i carry the world around with me* lol like for instance today all i needed really was a lipgloss, cash, phone and a letter i needed but instead i took a make-up bag, body spray, perfume, massive bundle of keys *of which most are keyrings* everything else listed above and aloooooooad more crap too! my bag is really heavy but i use it everyday so i dont notice :sad: poor poor speedy lol!