Walked into Mac, walked right back out - HELP!!!

  1. I was overwhelmed. Of course, IMMEDIATELY there was a sales person there and I didn't know where to start. For the last 24 years (EEK!) I've just gone to the grocery store or chain store and bought a black brown mascara, blush for fair skin people and a eyeliner pencil thing and once in a GREAT moon I'm buy a lipstick that I wear once and then it goes bad.

    So, when faced with ALLLLL these choices and things I have no idea about, it's too much. I haven't even looked in Wal-Mart and Target at stuff beyond mascara and eyeliners for probably 8 years!!!

    There's all this stuff - tinters, foundations powders and liquids, etc. ACK!!!! I don't want just some random sales person going crazy on me saying I need this and this and that when I don't!

    Plus... the store had a teeny bopper SA who was black and had WAY too much makeup on (looked like a doll) and a 20s something guy with perfectly manicured eyebrows and a hat pulled low on his head!!!! Neither inspired confidence in me that they would know what a very pale, 38 year old mom would need! LOL I could be wrong, but until I know WHAT to look for, I don't want to rely on someone else.

    I suppose I should go in for a makeup session or something, but any tips? I DO want a full range of makeup - some sort of foundation, concealer, eyeliner, blush, lips and mascara and perhaps a subtle (not pink or bright) eye shadow. I'm out of most everything, so now's a good time to do it, but ACK!!! It's overwhelming. Across the way was the Sephora store and that was even HUGER!
  2. mac can be intimidating, and it's pretty trendy. i would think that you would enjoy the bobbi brown counter, inside one of the department stores. her stuff is a couple dollars more expensive than mac, but it sounds more like what you're looking for. here's the link to the website and you can find a location near you: http://www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com/ good luck!!!
  3. MAC's SA's are a lot more cutting edge and definitely like to go very showy with their makeup application on themselves. It's a part of their image and for most people it is cool. I know I'd never do my makeup like they do, but it is fun to look at because it is like an artistry thing - not so much a makeup thing.

    I'd try a department store counter first, where you can feel less overwhelmed. The suggestion of Bobbi Brown is good, or even Chanel (my personal fave).
  4. I agree, I'm 32 with three kids and for the most part I don't think MAC suits me although, I do like some of their stuff. I love chanel and bobbi brown and laura mercier. They have alot of great colors and although it will cost more than drug stores, I find for the most part they are better quality. Plus you get the help from the SA to show you your best colors and how to apply them (which I am clueless about). But if you like MAC, don't be intimidated by makeup artists, just let them know what your wanting. Good Luck! Hope you find a look that you love!!!:tup:
  5. If you are going to walk away because you see a teeny bopper, a black person or someone with a lot of makeup on you may have a tough road ahead of you.

    Surely makeup can be overwhelming which is why I am in the same boat with just doing the basics but don't let looks be deceiving. Both of these people could have been very knowledgeable. Listen to what they say, take what makes sense to you and leave the rest behind.
  6. ^This is also true, MAC doesn't hire people who know nothing about finding makeup for different types of people!

  7. I have no problem with a black person, but it was more that she was a teeny bopper with too much makeup AND her needs and my skin needs are so different. I just don't see how someone who is 18 or 19 (and she was NOT older than that) could possibly know what I would need... maybe if i knew how to articulate what I need too - the SAs were just the second half of the "I don't know what to do" I didn't even know what to ask!!! since I saw so many things I didn't even know what they were!!! and the girl was working with someone else, it was the GUY who asked if he could help... and I just said, "You know, I think I'll have to come back when I know more what I really need and want."
  8. One of my best MAC SA's is a guy, he is very savvy and knows more about makeup than most women I know. He's also very young. I don't think age or gender has anything to do with know-how or technical expertise. If it makes you uncomfortable, though, visit one of the counters we recommended - Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Laura Mercier...and see how the atmosphere feels to you.
  9. just because she was younger than u I cannot understand how she would not know what would suit ur skin- just because she is black and young it does not automaticlly mean she would not be trained or have some exprience to work at Mac- so I am sure she would have been able to help her- you just did not give her a chance. I agree with that you should try out Bobbi Brown they have a great range (slightly a bit more) which is more sutle and you may not feel as intimdated there as the SA's are not as 'artistic' as the ones at Mac. Mac is well known for it's array of (bright) colours- which is prob. why the SA had on such make up- Inotice that all the time at Mac. May I note whether you go to Mac, Boobi Brown or a Clinique counter the SA's are trained to promote as much products as possible to the customer to make the company as much profit as possible.
  10. You know what I think it was? I felt old and out of date and well.... like an idiot. In walks this 30s something woman with her hair in a bun pushing a stroller - no make up on and I look confused.... I tried to look around the store just to see what they have, but felt I had a big SLOB sign written on my forehead... and then to try to explain I'm clueless to a guy with a hat so low I could barely see his eyes (but noticed his meticulous eyebrows) and he looked less than excited to help me... did a quick look to the girl who was chatting with two teens who were in full makeup... and I just felt myself being overwhelmed and so out of touch... How to explain that to a young fashionable girl and a 20 something guy?

    Does that make sense?
  11. ^ it makes sense to me. The only point I am making is that u intially pre-judged the SA on her appearance before you gave her a try. I'll be honest I am nervous everythime I go to buy make up at counters (always worried about my appearance- and I am young so it has nothiing to do with age)- but I jsut say to myself it is their job to help me and if they try and sell me stuff I don't want I am firm and tell them no!
  12. I'm only 18 & I do a lot of makeup for photoshoots in college but just because I'm young it doesn't mean I can't also do makeup for older people. I wear a LOT of bright eyeshadows etc, but I would never dream of making up one of my mothers friends in any of the colour combo's I wear myself!

    I can see why you'd be intimidated walking into MAC for the first time, believe me I was too! MAC artists do tend to wear a lot of bold makeup, but don't let that put you off, they also have a brilliant selection of neutral shades. Just go in and explain that you are fairly new to makeup & just want to get started with some basic every day things and you want to keep it quite natural. Perhaps start with an eyeshadow such as Woodwinked (a nice, semi shimmery brown) or Honesty (a very light shimmery brown/beige)? I don't use MAC foundations often, but a very light coverage one I like is Select Tint Spf 15 (liquid) & I also really love the Natural Minerelize Skinfinishes (powder).

    This website isn't working for me at the moment but, http://macproductgallery.com has photgraphs and swatches of a LOT of MAC products, so you can check some out on there and maybe select a few you'd like to try in store if you were worried about not knowing anything once you got in there. Specktra.net is also really good for pictures of products.

    Good luck on your next trip to MAC! Let us know what you end up buying! & sorry for rambling on so much! LOL
  13. They have some good stuff in MAC so I would recommend some eyeshadow in charcoal brown and just dust a little on your lid. As for blush I recommend Pink Swoon which would probably be good for your skin. For foundation try Bare Minerals in Sephora. You can always ask a SA if you don't know which tone to buy. Good luck finding things!:smile:
  14. Yeah, when you put it that way it makes complete sense to me. It's hard to discuss your personal needs and style with someone you are not completely comfortable with. Age, race, and gender don't play a role here for me, but a sense of style does. So when I'm dealing with an SA or MA, especially if I'm going to be relying on his/her advice and opinion, I prefer to deal with someone that has a similar style to mine.

    When I'm looking for make up or an outfit for a New Year's Eve party, I tend to ask the younger SAa for their opinion. If I'm going to dinner with my husband's collegues, I'll ask a more mature SA. But either way, I always listen to myself first... I have the final say about what I need, like, what looks good on me, and what I feel comfortable wearing.
  15. I can totally understand what happened to you berryblonde. I'm 26 now, but even when I was 19, I just never felt right going into MAC, it's just not for everyone. It was just too loud for me, not my style. Not that they don't have great products, but there are other product lines that are just as good that would make you feel more comfortable. I agree with the others who recommended Bobbi Brown, Chanel and Laura Mercier. Great products, but a more toned down atmosphere where you won't feel so uncomfortable. Don't give up!! :okay: