Walk with Cezanne

  1. Let's take a walk through Provence with Cezanne...
    Cezanne box.jpg Cezanne card.jpg
  2. We can see the mountains through the window, but first we have to leave the house...
    Cezanne window 2.jpg Cezanne house 2.jpg
  3. And here he his, the man himself...

    My Promenade au Pays de Cezanne scarf finally arrived. It's such a gorgeous ripe apricot color. Mr. GGA has now hidden it until December. I tried explaining that this is really a better color for spring/summer, but does he care? No he does NOT. He's still putting it away for holidays. Sigh.
    Cezanne title 3.jpg Cezanne overall 2.jpg
  4. So wonderful!:woohoo:
  5. I love cezanne scarf!! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :drool:
  6. That is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
  7. so pretty! can you sneak it out and wear it? he didn't wrap it did he? lol.
  8. Mr.GGA: Not really a wrapper (although he likes to walk around the house singing "Riding Dirty" or some Eminem song or other-think of the visual here: aging Nordic blond architect dancing *eek* and singing rap songs.)

    He IS a really good hider, though. I'd have to take the house apart.
  9. Such a beautiful scarf and love the orange!
  10. Your scarf is absolutely gorgeous!!:heart: Too bad you can't wear it for such a long time. Maybe you can do some bargaining with him....life is short... I say do what you can to get ahold of it and enjoy it now! :graucho:
  11. lmao. a rapper. tee hee.

    it may be worth it to try and find. my parents were good hiders too. feh. lol.
  12. Wow! Such a beautiful design! (And what a great prize to win when you're playing at scavenger hunting around the houst this year. ;) )
  13. Its just beautiful! The colors and the design are fantastic. Hopefully, DH will relent and allow early an early release for your scarf!
  14. That's beautiful, thanks for sharing. There's no way that scarf should stay hidden until December. What can you do to persuade your DH I wonder...:graucho:
  15. I had to come back and re-look at the scarf! :love: I :heart: it, I love impressionist era :tender: :tender: :tender: