Walk of Fame cruise bag Large

  1. Hi does anyone have pictures wearing the bag ?? would love to see
  2. yep....I just posted one in a thread above...
  3. What do you think about it ?
  4. Do you love love it or just like and do think it is something you can use everyday sorry for all the questions ;);)
  5. i think its a great bag..It actually looks way better with all your stuff inside of it than empty.
    At first i didnt love it at the store...When I put my stuff in it..I loved it
    Its pretty big for a flatter design so u can fit a ton
    PLUS..if u order it SAT DEC 15 thru Saks....u can get an EGC !!!!!(makes the price hurt a bit less.....kinda!LOL!)
  6. Thanks Jill now I have to decide between coral and Black also I know you have lambskin bags do you think will be one that I can use everyday or will it get ruined ??:smile:
  7. ^Im never afraid to use my bags everyday...otherwise Id never buy them.This bag is VERY durable.....
  8. Well golly I hear bad things about lamb skin so anyway did you keep it ??