Walk Group Anyone?

  1. Is anyone interested in forming a walk group? I workout daily (4-6) days per week and my preferred method of exercise is walking. I've been doing it for years and it's kept me in wonderful shape. It's the easiest form of exercise to stick with IMO.

    I do Leslie Sansones Walk At Home series. I also walk on my treadmill and outside. I usually do 3-5 miles per session. If you do Leslies Walk At Home series on DVD--it's fun and easy but you work up a sweat. I do her 5 Mile DVD and it's my favorite but I have all of her DVD's--she has from 1-5 miles and you can do as many miles as you like with the DVD's. Some days if I am feeling like it..I do her DVD's twice. I may do a 3 mile in the morning and then another 3 or 4 in the evening.

    My goal is to do at least 20 miles per week! I just want to keep moving, stay fit and keep toned. I also workout on my Total Gym for toning but Leslies workouts incorporate weights as well.

    Anyone else doing a walk program? Interested?
  2. Anyone? Perhaps we could motivate one another. Everyone could get tickers to keep track of the miles they do each week. Everyone can post their miles/steps (if you are using a pedometer) at the end of the week. Those who have joined the 'Get Fit For Summer' group could be in this one as well--if you are looking for a way to keep moving and motivated to exercise by walking. We can cheer one another on:woohoo:.