Walk before or after Lunch?

  1. I am planning to start taking a 15-30 minute walk during my lunch break at work. That way I can burn some calories throughout the day and help clear my head since work can get pretty stressfull. Would it be better to walk before I eat lunch or after?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. AFTER, definitely AFTER..unless you are going to be power walking or walking soooo fast that it's like jogging..

    If you plan on just walking, I heard that it's always best to move around right after you eat!
  3. Thank you!!! Since I have to return back to work, I am thinking that I will just keep at a brisk walk...and save the power walking & jogging for in the morning or at night. :biggrin:
  4. I think before. You might get a cramp if you work out right after you eat...
  5. ^^ Thank you!! I will look into that. I ended up walking today about an hour or so after lunch because I got too tied up with work to be able to leave right afterwards.
  6. I have to walk after, it seems to help me digest and I just can't get motivated or the energy up for a walk before when I'm hungry.
  7. I'd say after. cause you might be dizzy before without food in your stomach
  8. I usually walk after I've eaten. It gives you good energy plus is aids in digestion.
  9. Thank you everyone for your responses!! I agree that after will definitely be better. I am more energized after lunch. I like taking the walks because when I return I am more pumped to finish out my day at work. :biggrin:
  10. I usually eat before...Because if I don't - in the time where I'm walking, I can only think about how hungry I am, lol
  11. ^^^ hahaha...I would probably be thinking the same thing!!!
  12. I agree, there is nothing better than a nice walk after a big lunch or dinner. We we go out in the city in the summer I love to walk the streets of Manhattan. We even park at my friends home in Tribeca and walk to a restaurant and walk around after. It helps me a lot. Good luck!!:supacool:
  13. I have always heard before! I have heard your metabolism is up after excercise so it is better to eat then, and I feel I excercise with less vigor after eating.

    If I must eat before excercise - I have a smoothie, then something more substantial after, plus doing it first gets it out of the way and you wont eat crap before hand and feel down.
  14. Walking according to me always helps. I however do not walk keeping the lunch factor in mind. Usually I walk in the evening hours for long distances and this has been one of the secrets of me remaining healthy even in the age of 60. Personally speaking if you walk before lunch then you are over exerting yourself as something needs to go in before they can be repleished. Again it is always advisable to rest for a while as soon as you had a meal, so why not allocate a different time for walking? Exercising on the other hand involves a lot of stress therefore it has specific requirements for eating prior to doing that.
  15. Before, as well as drink water before eating.