Walden Farms zero calorie products?

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  1. I saw these zero calorie products at my local grocery store today, and was wondering if any of you guys have tried them? They had a peanut butter spread that looked pretty good, and being a huge peanut butter lover that I am, I would love to find a less calorie alternative than the real thing. Tell me what you guys think of these products if you've tried them! I'm really curious.
  2. I tried one of the salad dressing, forget what flavor, but it was gross. It was a creamy salad dressing. I bet if it was oil/vinegar based it wouldn't have been bad
  3. Ohhh I've seen this before but never tried them. My sister has had the BBQ sauce and said it was ok. I would love to hear if anyone has tried the peanut butter too. I am a huge peanut butter addict but have to stay away bc of fat/calories.
  4. Zero calorie peanut butter? How is that possible?!