Wal-Mart sued by Fendi for selling knockoff bags at Sam's Club

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  1. Copied from 6/10 Chicago Tribune:

    By David Glovin
    Bloomberg News
    Published June 9, 2006, 5:06 PM CDT

    Fendi SpA, known for its monogrammed handbags and leather goods, sued Wal-Mart Stores Inc., claiming the world's largest retailer sells counterfeit handbags and wallets in its Sam's Club warehouse stores.

    In a lawsuit filed today in federal court in New York, Fendi, a unit of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA, says Sam's Club is selling fake Fendi handbags for up to $525. The authentic product retails for $900, Fendi says. Paris-based LVMH is the world's largest luxury-goods maker.

    Sam's Club is selling ``handbags, shoulder bags, purses, wallets and key chains'' that ``imitate the designs of the Fendi products'' and carry imitation Fendi trademarks, the complaint says.

    Wal-Mart Chief Executive Officer H. Lee Scott said this month that his company will add more items for affluent shoppers, as it seeks to alter its image as a destination for lowest-cost items.

    Fendi says in its trademark infringement suit that Wal-Mart has earned millions of dollars by selling the knockoffs in stores in New York, California, Illinois and Florida. The company seeks undetermined damages and a ruling blocking Wal-Mart from selling the copies.

    Fendi identified 12 alleged knockoffs that Wal-Mart is selling in its Sam's Club stores. A counterfeit wallet is on sale for $199, the suit says. The retail price for the genuine article is $385, the suit says.

    John Simley, a spokesman for Bentonville, Arkansas-based Wal-Mart didn't immediately return a call.
  2. Wow.. wow !!! How bad for Wal-Mart is that, reputable retailer that prides itself on good pricing is revealed to sell replicas.

    Still, with all the badness of Wal-Mart practices, I can't help but feel a little schadenfreude.
  3. Wow! I can't believe they would sell replica bags! I thought they just got bags from past seasons at a good deal!
  4. Unbelievable!!! Wasn't it the hottest news a few months ago that Sam's Club was carrying the Black Spy and at a "discount" price of $1800?! I can't believe they were fakes.... even department stores arent safe anymore
  5. I bought a Fendi wallet at Sam's Club. After I got home, I compared to pics of authentic wallets in the same style and it looked somewhat different. It also had a crooked stitch. I started to question the authenticity of the wallet, so I returned it and bought an LV wallet from Eluxury.

    I don't think Sam's Club would intentionally sell fakes. I think this is similar to the Bluefly situation. They just got the bags from a bad source, and they can't tell the difference.
  6. Woohoo! Go LVMH! Take those knockoff selling a$$holes down!
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